March 22, 2012


I’m currently working on Hotel bedrooms, and although this sounds good, it a little frustrating as budgets are very tight and trying to push the boundaries and create a different feel to the normal hotel bedroom is proving more difficult than I thought! ie not being able to use a funky fabric on the chairs as it will probably date as the refurbs don’t happen that often. Someone please find me a hotel group that want something that’s not the norm and have a decent budget! I know a lot to ask!


Anyway, take a look at these pictures, they are from the Firmdale group of hotels and one of my favourites. I love the way everything is mixed up but still comes together as a scheme. Just because you have a desk in a certain style it doesn’t mean you have to have matching side tables and that goes for the fabrics too. Another way is to go darker on the walls, people are always a little afraid to do this but trust me, by the time you have added pictures and lamps the darker tones really work. Go on try it it’s only paint! 



And mixing colours also is a great way to get that individual look and this can be done without spending lot of money.


Right back to designing this hotel bedroom!

Happy Thursday



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