Back in a big way!

February 28, 2013

A very tired morning! Trip to London was great but crammed packed with meetings so a bit exhausted today! Love love London as even walking from the station to the venue you see so many cool places you just want to go in and for me look at the interiors but for many more try their great coffee sample the food and people watch. This totally fits in with my post the other day about coffee culture as so many places in London have nailed the look I was talking about.

So the event was mainly on the contract side so suppliers for the Hospitality sector but many cross over to the residential side so I could use both of my hats when looking at the products. I even spoke to the company that makes all the furniture for Candy and Candy so some very reputable companies attend these events and it’s a great way to find new companies to work with.

So back to the interiors, one of the companies I loved, supply ratten furniture, I know you’re thinking my parents/grand parents had this type of furniture but trust me I think it’s back in a big way, totally changed from the old days, take a look at the pics below, my favorites from the collection.


Also they do some other cool chairs made of aluminium, plastic, wood (I know your saying thats not ratten but I guess they have diversified!) The green chair is made of aluminium and perfect for outside and such a change from the typical type of outside furniture we tend to buy in this country!


Got to dash as I have so much to get on with, not only busy working on the coffee shop concepts but we have just signed the lease for the shop, picking keys up tomorrow.  Exciting time ahead but going to be manic! Very quickly another company I met at the show do super cool wallpaper, thinking of supplying these in the shop and will have one adorning one of the walls!! take a look!

Have a great Thursday!



Coffee culture

February 25, 2013

Morning, off to London this morning for a meet the buyer event mainly for commercial market, it’s always a great event and I have met many suppliers this way as you seem to get very credible companies attending.  Which leads me on nicely to talking about coffee shops, not only because I love coffee but also love the coffee culture. As soon as you walk into a coffee shop it instantly makes you feel like chilling out, read the paper watch the world go by, that sort of thing!!.. As I live in Bristol, Clifton village is perfect place for this and you will often see me there grabbing a coffee, sadly usually to take away as Im dashing between meetings etc.

Anyway I want to talk about the interiors of these places, if they get them right they will make you feel like wanting to stay and kick your shoes off and you will end up spending more money as this is the aim….right!  So it is so important to get the look right and it’s why the big boys will spend so much money on the refurbishments especially in London.

Number 1 rule is to make it feel homely, no one wants to sit in an over lit space with hard chairs!, add in large comfy armchairs and darken the mood, low level lighting in certain areas work extremely well, One cafe a worked with a few years ago always crammed too many chairs in, yes it will give you more seating for customers but no good if the customers feel like they are in a canteen and they will quickly finish their coffee and skedaddle.  There must be some sort of interest on the walls to tantalise the eye, a collection of art is the best way to start, mix it up and don’t be afraid to fill the space there is nothing worse then small pictures looking lonely on a wall!!  Also getting the layout correct is key, you want to make little cosy areas where people feel they can hide away but also areas where people can congregate and meet there normal group which is usually the mums,  a good friend of mine who has 3 children goes to her coffee shop every morning and her words note mine were ‘the coffee shop has been a life saver to me’ it’s her little time she has to sit and think of nothing. Now the only one thing left to do is get the Coffee right!!

A couple of images of the newly refurbished Costa Coffee in London, this is so much better than the current designs and totally sums up what Im saying about making it more homely and having comfy areas.


Right off to the station, I will be thinking of coffee shops on the train as I have to design 2 this week which are in Cardiff.

Happy Monday!


February 22, 2013

Morning, had an extremely busy day yesterday, buying for the shop we are opening soon (watch this space) mainly for accessories and by saying accessories I mean pots, vases, ornaments, china items  etc the list goes on. The wholesalers I went to also did furniture but I like to mix things up so didn’t feel the furniture fitted in with my style so will make it doubly hard for myself and go round a zillion more suppliers until I find the right pieces.

So this brings me on to accessorising your interior. This can be one of the hardest things to do as we all tend to want to line things up in a row, don’t get me wrong this can in some cases work very well but I find people like to show things in such a simply way, which then looses impact! It almost feels like the item looks lonely sat on it’s own. The trick is to sort of over do it, add more items to the space, go for a pile of books with a vase on top filled with flowers, this looks so much better than just a vase on it’s own, then add a lamp, picture on the wall behind with a smaller picture leaning up against it, add a small tea light or a trinket of some sort and now you have layered the space and it totally makes it more interesting, almost like a little collection of things you’ve collected along the way. And what’s great about this look is it doesn’t have to cost the earth, a great little tip is a jam jar with just a few buds of flowers which costs peanuts! A pile of books you should have, if you do purchase a new item invest in a really cool lamp as this will finish it off perfectly!! and don’t go too small!

The 2 pictures below from lonny magazine show you exactly what I mean.


Also take a look at some shelves I dressed  for a project recently which also shows you how to mix and layer the items.


Iv’e managed to fit in a run since the spin class so some sort of exercise for me today 😦

Have a great weekend!

Go that bit darker!

February 20, 2013

Right this is going to be the first day of my official blog, I know if you are already following me you’re thinking “you’ve started this blog last year” but if I’m being honest, never really got into to it. So this is going to be the start of blogging weekly!! here we go!

Spin class last night which was soooo hard, haven’t been for 2 weeks so super tough, must do more exercise this week!

It’s going to be a busy week here at David Hutton Interiors as we sign a lease for our first shop!! Not only that I starting new design for 2 coffee shops in Cardiff, so lots to crack on with, I can just see it now that March is going to be a hellish month, but all exciting stuff which helps.

Right down to interiors as this is my first passion! I thought I would talk about colours as this is the easiest way to transform an interior and the cheapest! I say go that bit darker, here at DHI we love darker colours and Iv’e just painted a wall of panelling in my kitchen in Farrow & Ball railings, almost black! but for me it totally transforms the space, before, the pendant shades blended in, now against the dark background they ping out and I love it! Maybe try going darker on a small room in a cloakroom or hallway, pop a bright coloured piece of art on it, better still a mix and match collection of pictures and your got your self a mini gallery and trust me it will look so much better with a dark background, like the pic below from Rue magazine.

Dark walls

My kitchen before and after pics

Go darker!

Go darker!

Happy Wednesday!