Go that bit darker!

February 20, 2013

Right this is going to be the first day of my official blog, I know if you are already following me you’re thinking “you’ve started this blog last year” but if I’m being honest, never really got into to it. So this is going to be the start of blogging weekly!! here we go!

Spin class last night which was soooo hard, haven’t been for 2 weeks so super tough, must do more exercise this week!

It’s going to be a busy week here at David Hutton Interiors as we sign a lease for our first shop!! Not only that I starting new design for 2 coffee shops in Cardiff, so lots to crack on with, I can just see it now that March is going to be a hellish month, but all exciting stuff which helps.

Right down to interiors as this is my first passion! I thought I would talk about colours as this is the easiest way to transform an interior and the cheapest! I say go that bit darker, here at DHI we love darker colours and Iv’e just painted a wall of panelling in my kitchen in Farrow & Ball railings, almost black! but for me it totally transforms the space, before, the pendant shades blended in, now against the dark background they ping out and I love it! Maybe try going darker on a small room in a cloakroom or hallway, pop a bright coloured piece of art on it, better still a mix and match collection of pictures and your got your self a mini gallery and trust me it will look so much better with a dark background, like the pic below from Rue magazine.

Dark walls

My kitchen before and after pics

Go darker!

Go darker!

Happy Wednesday!


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