February 22, 2013

Morning, had an extremely busy day yesterday, buying for the shop we are opening soon (watch this space) mainly for accessories and by saying accessories I mean pots, vases, ornaments, china items  etc the list goes on. The wholesalers I went to also did furniture but I like to mix things up so didn’t feel the furniture fitted in with my style so will make it doubly hard for myself and go round a zillion more suppliers until I find the right pieces.

So this brings me on to accessorising your interior. This can be one of the hardest things to do as we all tend to want to line things up in a row, don’t get me wrong this can in some cases work very well but I find people like to show things in such a simply way, which then looses impact! It almost feels like the item looks lonely sat on it’s own. The trick is to sort of over do it, add more items to the space, go for a pile of books with a vase on top filled with flowers, this looks so much better than just a vase on it’s own, then add a lamp, picture on the wall behind with a smaller picture leaning up against it, add a small tea light or a trinket of some sort and now you have layered the space and it totally makes it more interesting, almost like a little collection of things you’ve collected along the way. And what’s great about this look is it doesn’t have to cost the earth, a great little tip is a jam jar with just a few buds of flowers which costs peanuts! A pile of books you should have, if you do purchase a new item invest in a really cool lamp as this will finish it off perfectly!! and don’t go too small!

The 2 pictures below from lonny magazine show you exactly what I mean.


Also take a look at some shelves I dressed  for a project recently which also shows you how to mix and layer the items.


Iv’e managed to fit in a run since the spin class so some sort of exercise for me today 😦

Have a great weekend!


2 Responses to “Accessorising”

  1. Don’t forget lampshades… a silver or gold-lined lampshade can take your favourite fabric to a whole new lampshade level when it comes to accessorising your home.

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