Back in a big way!

February 28, 2013

A very tired morning! Trip to London was great but crammed packed with meetings so a bit exhausted today! Love love London as even walking from the station to the venue you see so many cool places you just want to go in and for me look at the interiors but for many more try their great coffee sample the food and people watch. This totally fits in with my post the other day about coffee culture as so many places in London have nailed the look I was talking about.

So the event was mainly on the contract side so suppliers for the Hospitality sector but many cross over to the residential side so I could use both of my hats when looking at the products. I even spoke to the company that makes all the furniture for Candy and Candy so some very reputable companies attend these events and it’s a great way to find new companies to work with.

So back to the interiors, one of the companies I loved, supply ratten furniture, I know you’re thinking my parents/grand parents had this type of furniture but trust me I think it’s back in a big way, totally changed from the old days, take a look at the pics below, my favorites from the collection.


Also they do some other cool chairs made of aluminium, plastic, wood (I know your saying thats not ratten but I guess they have diversified!) The green chair is made of aluminium and perfect for outside and such a change from the typical type of outside furniture we tend to buy in this country!


Got to dash as I have so much to get on with, not only busy working on the coffee shop concepts but we have just signed the lease for the shop, picking keys up tomorrow.  Exciting time ahead but going to be manic! Very quickly another company I met at the show do super cool wallpaper, thinking of supplying these in the shop and will have one adorning one of the walls!! take a look!

Have a great Thursday!



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