Crazy days

March 7, 2013

Sorry for lack of posts, it’s been a crazy crazy week,  in the thick of designing the coffee shops which I presented yesterday. When designing you can get completely caught up in the moment and nothing else seems to matter, it almost consumes you I guess! Got back after the meeting to the messiest desk! Sometimes I think being an interior designer is a jack of all trades (sort of). Last week I was at a business event, almost wearing a suit (well a shirt a trousers), then meetings with Hotel chain and a property developer in London, so my professional head was on! Then back to the office and throw myself into the coffee shop designs and now suddenly I’m sourcing furniture, producing layout and doing 3d visuals, then I have to get practical and put the mood boards together. And now we have the keys to our shop which is our latest venture I’m suddenly now a retail buyer. So lots of hats the last week and then to top all this off I’m on site fitting blinds tomorrow! Crazy!!

So back to business, COLOUR, I realised that when designing interiors weather it’s for commercial or residential projects I always get a ping of colour within the scheme. Deep deep down I’m a neutral boy so I always start with this type of colour pallet, when I say neutral this doesn’t mean bland you can still go for darker tones! but restrict the colours to a few. Then you can add some colour, going on the coffee shop designs, we have a team of grey/greens from dark to pale and a really deep red which balances it then just a splash of teal which sort of throws it off, without this colour it seemed to be a bit stale so it only made it onto the board at the last minute and the client loved it, sometimes you never know what reaction you will get as I’ve said before people are so afraid of colour!! Anyway take a look at the picture below as this totally nails what I’m trying to go on about!! (Photo’s courtesy of Lonny Magazine)

using colour in interiors


Also a sneak peak at the coffee shop colour mood board! Hope you like


Now for me, test drive a van, 5k run then meet carpenters on site!!

Have a great Thursday!


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