Shop shop shop!

March 8, 2013

Oh no! went to the shop yesterday (first time since we got the keys) to meet the carpenters and we have totally changed the layout! so funny how sometimes you think you’ve nailed it and then by spending  a little time their, things evolve and you think of a much better layout! Made me late for the afternoon appointment of viewing candles, seriously didn’t have enough hours in the day yesterday.

So I thought I would talk about shop today, I have to say it’s one of the hardest things picking products to retail, you don’t want to be too expensive but you also don’t want to be run of the mill.  We have managed to find some great suppliers so most products you won’t see else where in Bristol! When designing the shop it sort of takes on the same aspect of designing a house or commercial space, you want to tantalise the eye so when you walk in you don’t know quite where to look! it’s exactly the same with a room in the house, you need enough going on to stop it looking boring and bland, so no pushing furniture up against the wall, fill every wall you can, bundles of pictures and if you get this look right your guests or customers will love it.  Take a look at this picture (Rue Mag) which is actually a shop in america but could also be a lounge! A  little jumbled for me but it totally makes your eye bounce around.. no!


Here’s a sneak peak of some items that we have chosen for the shop.Image

Sofa and chairs, which is still on the maybe list!!Image

Hope you all like, and Yay its Friday, although I think I will be working tomorrow, too much to do!


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