The art of display!

March 14, 2013

Morning! Still crazy here, actually probably more crazy than last week as been making lots of decisions for the shop. So sofa and chair supplier sorted, accessories confirmed and ordered, a few more to add as keep finding great suppliers! Lighting, textiles and pictures to do! I’ll probably think of a million more things that still need sourcing, but that’s all my head can cope with for the moment. I’m so tired I could literally crawl under my desk and have a little nap!! It’s hard to switch off at night as I have so many things swimming around in my head …. Another little idea for the shop, we have found some really nice small chest of drawers which are made out of pine! (Yuk I hear you say!) but we are going to get our regular paint sprayer to spray in a solid colour and offer this to our customers, so they can pretty much choose which ever colour takes there fancy! Good hay! It’s all so exciting!!

Anyway must chat a little about interiors and after last week, where my head was in the commercial interiors ie, coffee shop design.  This week my head is totally in residential as I have been doing so much buying for the shop! So I thought I would talk about ‘The art of display’. When you look at uber cool interiors which take your breath away, break this down and you realise it’s all in how it’s displayed, it’s not always about the items (although obviously this can help if you have the most amazing antiques) for example you could have an old piece of furniture you’ve had for years, chest of drawers is usually the obvious one or a rickety old chair! These items left on there own against a lonely wall would look pretty dull but start plonking some items with it, on top of it, a super large lamp for instance (I know, I know I keep going on about this all the time, but trust me it really does work!) A few pictures lent up against it, overlapping on a pile of books a few little ornaments collected along the way or simple a small vase of flowers and voilá you have your own little art of artdisplay!! Use this rule even when placing furniture, think of how it displays with other pieces, mix and match items and layer layer layer! Take a look at the picture below, this apartment in New York has nailed it, (although white walls are a no no for me)


ImageSee! there you have it ‘The art of display’ Go try this at home, it will instantly transform a gloomy area or a corner of a room, and please please, I know what you are thinking “it’s harder to dust”, I would much rather spend a bit longer dusting and have an inspiring home versus uninspiring and dull!!

Now for the art of, getting on with work!!

Have a great Thursday


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