March 15, 2013

One of the things I’m finding so hard to pick for the shop is wallpaper, I’m trying to find a collection that isn’t over used, the type you see where ever you go! I’ve got my neutral textured wallpapers Iv’e used a trillion times and will keep on using as they are so classic and don’t date but I am after some funky more geometric or patterned papers, the ones that add the fun into a room. Anyway my motto is keep on searching and you will eventually stumble across the perfect company!! preferably within the next few weeks please!!

So, down to wallpaper. Used a lot in interiors and mostly in the wrong way. If I see that B&Q flower wallpaper anymore I think I might jump over the edge of a cliff!. I’m not saying feature walls are necessarily not the thing to do, it just depends what you use for the feature wall. My take on this is simple! Don’t do a feature wall with a standard looking wallpaper, if your going to do it, go all out and really create a feature, a wow, a punch in the face sort of reaction when you walk in the room! Or if you want a more calm feel, opt for a textured wallpaper and do the whole room, and go darker it will transform the room and not make you want to leave. In my kitchen I have gone for a textured, quite dark paper which looks like dragged silk (don’t worry it’s teflon coated and wipeable, one of the reasons I choose it) I decided to wallpaper all the walls and for me it totally changes the room from being a practical space to a room we love spending time in, because the kitchen is one of the rooms we spend the most time in! right!! Pic of my kitchen below.


The other rooms to try out some funky wallpaper is the cloakroom, hallway and a study. Rooms you don’t use all the time and the rooms that get neglected the most. In a study you can easily ad a bookcase wallpaper to one of the walls, this will instantly liven up the room and it’s so in keeping with the use of the room, easy peasy! Now get wallpapering and best room to start with is the cloakroom, take a look at some of these pictures it might inspire you!

ImageOptions above are great for the cloakroom!

ImageIf your not brave enough to do the whole wall, try a strip panel like in the above pic! Cool hay.

ImageHope you enjoy, have a great weekend!


2 Responses to “Wallpaper!”

  1. Inge Dowden Says:

    Can’t wait to see the shop when it’s finished 🙂 I’m sure you’ll pick out a wonderful wallpaper.

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