Shop progress

March 22, 2013

Had a sort of evening last night for the first time in a week, well if yo can call sitting down to watch tv at 10pm. To me at the moment that is an evening!! Been working past 11pm most evenings the last couple of weeks. This is not just shop related as at the moment we are seriously busy with projects. It seems like as soon as we signed the lease for the shop everyone decided to go ahead with projects, I’m sure it’s just sent to test us I reckon! we can handle it so bring it on!!

So pleased it’s Friday as just looking forward to chilling out tonight, although I will work a bit over the weekend I always feel weekends should be for family, I think I would go crazy if I worked the whole time, I know some people work 7 days a week but not sure how they do this!

Thought I would talk shop today as it’s all coming along nicely, we have placed loads of orders this week, so sofa, chairs, accessories done! sign is ordered so this weekend it is mainly sorting out the shelving, flooring, knocking down a wall, the list goes on! I so want the shop to have items that you can’t find anywhere else, this is hard when you have small buying power but I’m constantly looking for new suppliers and mixing the suppliers to get the correct look. One of the suppliers we have found uses artisans from around world and strongly promote fair trade and equal opportunity which is important to us. The sofa company we are using are UK made and benefits from kiln dried hardwood, glued and screwed frames and is upholstered by experienced British craftsmen. So it’s not just a case of filling the shop it’s also important to get the right products and how they are made etc.

So off to our first Antique fair on Monday to find some vintage pieces, we may come back with nothing but looking forward to seeing what we might find. Love this eclectic look in Nathan Turners store in the US, hopefully will find a chest of drawers like this at the fair!! (wishing), if I do I will snap it up and you will see it in the store.


Also faux flowers are going to take a big part in the shop as from my experience it’s so hard to get them looking right, I think generally they get a bad rap but It’s all in how they are displayed, as they say presentation is everything right!! so we are going to make up some arrangements with my super talented florist Sarah Tynan and show you that faux’s can be cool and in my opinion totally transform an interior!

ImageThats it from me, no interior tips today, have a great weekend all!


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