Perfect shade of grey!!

April 26, 2013

Another late night working in shop pricing!! So decided to cycle the kids to school this morning in the sunshine, felt very European and stopped off in high street for a quick coffee and rather than do nothing thought I would write the blog!

Recently Iv’e had a couple of clients that are scared to go with the decorating schemes I’ve put together, think its a real shame when this happens as the schemes that always work out are when the client just goes with it, I suppose it’s just taking a leap of faith! And most of the time it’s over the paint colour which is one of the cheapest items, if its not quite right it’s easily rectified no!  Hay I know exactly what’s it like as I’ve been having a nightmare with the paint colour for the shop, I know what I’m trying to achieve but can I find the correct hue! A big fat no! Thought I found it! painted a sample which was great, started painting the wall and its not quite as I’ve imagined!! The perfect shade of grey is the hardest colour to get right. Anyway guys trust me get the hue right on the walls, opt for that bit darker and when you start adding the layers, ie vases of flowers, art etc etc, it will totally transform it, take a look at these pics, if the wall/background colour was lighter it wouldn’t work half as well.



(Images courtesy of Lonny Magazine)

Also one of the things I think will totally change the mood of a room is simply a massive vase of faux flowers, I think spending money on the right one is key, if you love it you will have it forever and it would be worth that little bit extra you’ve spent on it,  take a look at the ones that have just arrived in the shop, couldn’t resist getting it out. Pop this on a small table or cabinet and believe you me it will transform the space!


Hay it’s Friday, weekend coming up, still 3 exercise sessions to get in, whoops a bit slack this week!!

Now back to finding this perfect shade of grey!!!!


Sneak Peak!

April 25, 2013

Not good getting up early when you worked late last night. Currently sat in the shop as I had to get here early as one of the deliveries could turn up from 7am and then I have to wait for the BT engineer, the glamorous life of an interior designer!! I’m sat with in mountain of boxes, deep down I’m itching to open every box and look at all the great items we have bought for the shop but If I start doing this there is no way I will get any work done today!! Oh delivery has turned up, be back in a mo…………………….Right, Andrew Martin items delivered and checked, it was a bit like Christmas! the only snag is I like the products so much I almost don’t want to sell them, I know I know totally not the point but when you have been staying up late choosing these items the last couple of months you sort of get attached to them. Heres a sneak peak of some of my favourites.


As my post last week on kids room was so well received I thought I would post this pic I found a couple of days ago, This is a really fun thing to do for a kids room, might cost a bit to do or better still if you have a carpenter in the family I’m sure he could knock one up  in no time! Take a close look, as soon as you take the bed/stage away you have a very grown up decorated room and this was my point, start with a more grown decorating plan then add the drama (excuse pun) as per below, a stage for your kids to entertain you, or maybe you want to have ago at being on the stage! I bet we’ve all fancied being in the lime light at some point in our life! Enjoy


Have a great day! Got to finish a scheme for a conservatory, so must get on with it! And I am well chuffed as managed to get 5 exercise sessions in last week! although I think my body has given up so not sure if I will manage that this week!!

PS, a bit late posting as no internet connection at the shop!!


April 18, 2013

Morning, The sailing trip I mentioned in the blog last week didn’t go quite as planned, we set off with predicted winds of 20mph which would of got us going but the wind didn’t pick up until 2 hours into the journey and delayed us too much, we were an hour away from Lundy when the Gail Force wind warning came in and decided to turn back, didn’t fancy being abandoned on Lundy island for days!! Although always fancied having a Robinson Crusoe moment it wouldn’t of been quite the same!

Thought I would talk to you about kids rooms today, don’t get to design many of these as it’s usually one of the rooms that is easier to tackle yourself or they can get a bit neglected! My take on it is treat it like your own room when laying it out and buying new furniture, don’t make it too kiddyfied as you’ll only have to change it again when they grow out of it, which believe me doesn’t take long! I have a 10 year old which only feels like a few years ago she was born!!! Maybe I’m just trying not to admit I’m any older but hay ho! So look at some more grown up pieces of furniture which they can grow up with, this is the perfect time to throw in that vintage find! I always start with a limited pallet of colours, usually neutral as you can layer up the colours with items such as a painted chest of drawers in a bright colour and adding lamps etc,  have a bit more fun with the window treatment, my usual motto is blend the curtains in with the walls but definitely on a kids interior you can go for a funky fabric or colour and if it’s a girls room you can pretty it up with adding beaded fringes etc. This can also be a great excuse to wallpaper a room, you know when you haven’t been quite brave enough to pick a bold patterned wallpaper, hey now’s your chance go for it in your kids room. My tip is don’t go too kid like, pick a more grown up paper but a bold pattern and wallpaper the whole room, take a look at some of these pics I found! ImageSee what I mean with the wallpaper, it’s grown up but as soon as the book shelf full of kids books and toys make an appearance it totally looks like a kids room, genius! Also in the pic above is built in bunk beds, had to show you this one as I love it, I think the room in this pic is a guest room but this can be easily adapted to a kids room, something I’m going to do for my boys room, it’s on the very long list to do!!Image And heres an example of the neutral scheme with the pop of colour added, this one is more of a nursery. I do feel a few more baby things could be added, probably the curtain treatment but like the soft green/blue walls with the strong blue sofa.

Happy Thursday guys! actually can’t believe it’s Thursday already!!

The nightmares are still not going away (my 6 year old’s not mine!!) Still onward and upward, lot’s to do so can’t let exhaustion get in the way! Loads of work being done on the shop at the mo, so daily visits to drop off bits and pieces required for builder (my dad), so wall is down and patching up is in progress. Floor boards were in pretty good nick so got a couple of reclaimed boards to replace damaged ones and hay presto ready for sanding and staining on  the weekend, can’t wait to see the end result so excited (I know I know a bit sad to get excited about a floor!!) Gone for a washed aged umber stain? don’t want the floor boards looking to pristine! Shelving is ready and at the sprayers and new shop fascia being fitted on Monday, so soon it will start looking like a proper shop, now what colour shall I paint it inside, light or dark walls!!! Still quite a few more decisions to make, mainly cushions, art and fabrics.  I think a day and an evening on the shop is in need of! been spending far too much time on projects! Well I do have to fit one little project in today!

Anyway enough of my ramblings lets talk interiors! but I thought I would touch on masculine interiors today as obviously it’s easier for me to create this look and sometimes I have to reign in the over masculine schemes. Luckily most of my projects and clients have picked me for my style so I don’t get too many flowery girly interior requests and the one thing that is always a NO NO is they don’t want the home to look like a show home, and when I say show home I’m meaning the staged matching look.  I think having the Masculine look gets over this so well.  I’m not in to using heavy patterned wallpapers with clashing pattern fabrics this look is just so done and can date soooo much quicker! It’s much more of a blended look for me, mixing textures and using darker tones which create contrasts and balances the scheme, then throw in the oddball colour! Which is also a great way to personalise it more to your taste. If you want a more feminine look, add some feminine colours or just the one patterned fabric to throw it off balance it will work so much better than painting the walls in pastel shades or patterned wallpapers and having every pattern under the sun thrown in for good luck!.  Trust me the blended option works and much easier to keep adding to. Adding flowers is also a great way to soften the overall look, and lots of them, I know what your saying it’s expensive to have flowers all the time! but you can now get some great faux flowers which will cost a bit to get the good ones, but you have them for ever so worth the outlay, something we will be having a lot of in the shop! Image

This picture above totally explains what I’m going on about, a very masculine overall scheme, lots of greys (at least 50 shades) and just a small vase of pink flowers.


And this pic has also an overall masculine feel but the patterned cushion, table lamp and ornate picture just soften it slightly, also a very blended interior, just a little too bland for me but this can be easily altered with just a pop of colour!


And one of my favorites, I know Iv’e used this image before but this explains about the contrast, the dark pieces of furniture contrast beautifully with the walls and the placing of the items for me is spot on! A little darker on the walls though would make it perfect!

Right off to do my daily delivery to the shop!. A little break for me this weekend, going sailing to Lundy island and back, have to do it within 24 hrs, apparently gale force winds so should be interesting but this is why we are doing it this weekend to get there and back as quick as we can!! A little bit nuts i hear you say, probably!! wish me luck. Will report on progress next week if I get back!!

Have a great weekend!

Splash of colour!

April 10, 2013

Morning folks! all very tired in the Hutton household today! my 6 year old is having nightmares in the middle of the night, it’s almost like going through the baby stage again (without the nappies) which we thought was long gone! So what with being extremely busy and working on shop in the evening we’ve also got broken sleep to tend with! as they say “it never rains but it pours” Although I’m not complaining as I much prefer to be rushed off my feet but please the nightmares have to go!!

I thought I would talk about splash of colour mainly because I stumbled across these pictures whilst researching for a project. The pic’s below all feature the colour yellow, which is a tricky one to get right as there are so many shades of yellow, go to pale and it’s yuk and the bright sunshine yellow can work but use too much of it and it’s overkill! As I have probably said many a times when working with colour this is a perfect way to add colour into a scheme without having to slap a bright colour on the wall which can be a costly mistake! Start with a limited neutral pallet (darker if you can, even if it’s just a one jump up the paint shade card, it will make a huge difference) then add the splash of colour! Take a look below.

ImageCan you see what I mean about going darker on the walls, the right hand side colour jumps out so much more! If if take a close look they have also added splashes of other colours within the accessories which slightly throws it off balance! for me it totally works!


A much more classic interior but again the splash of colour works, so no matter what your taste it’s something you can experiment with, and if you are really brave try adding a colour in on a wash basin!! Have a great day!


Working from home!

April 2, 2013

Sorry for the lack of post last week, with the Easter bank holiday I had far too much to finish before friday so the blogging had to go! So happy belated Easter, hope you all had a good one and enjoyed the break. Although the break is great it sort of makes it harder to get back into it, especially when you work day and night up to it!! This Easter was also my birthday weekend so a double celebration, so lots of socialising which involved eating so back to the exercise this week, will have to get 4 in now!!

In regards to the shop I have still got loads to do!, furniture order to finalise, which fabrics to feature, lamps, do we include pendant light fittings! the list goes on……ahhhh.

This nicely brings me on to working at home and how to create a nice working interior without making it look like an office (ie, office desk and chair plonked in the corner of the room). Currently we work from home and have one of the largest rooms converted as an office (3 desks with a lot a lot of reference stuff) I am now starting to think how we can create the space back into a room as we will be mainly based in the shop, but with a desk at home as I will be working from home for part of the day. So the current office is going to go back to a 2nd lounge/study and although it needs to be a practical space it also needs to work as a relaxing space, so some clever storage is going to be key and I’m very much in favour of either using a dining room table or a more traditional writing table instead of a desk. I think a desk light will definitely feature as I will need a flexible lighting solution but also a table lamp will also be on the table which will make it more homely, as I’ve  said before it’s also a great way to ad drama and reflect your taste/personality, I’m thinking one of the dog lights to add a bit of fun!

One of my bug bearers is when people use a very office looking chair in a home office, I know they are more comfy but just don’t fit within home look, an upholstered chair looks so much better and I have used dining room chairs before, if you are sitting for long periods of time maybe look at getting a more retro chair, there are lots on the market and fit much better within the scheme, one of my favorite companies is Arper and love the Catifa chair as you have a multiple choice of options, upholstered vs wood, swivel base, arms or armless!!

blog workin space chair copy

Take a look at the following pics I found on Lonny magazine, I’m thinking this type of look for the new home office, instead of pictures lent up on shelfs I thought I could have pin boards which relate to projects and the next season collection for the shop. Can you see what I mean about using a table which isn’t typically a desk! hope you enjoy.



Another nice touch is if you have a large shelving unit try breaking it up with hanging a picture over the front, it totally breaks the space up and stops it looking too business like! a great tip hay! I’m going to try this as even though I’m moving a lot into the shop I’m still going to have a library of products at home!

ImageHave a great Tuesday!