Working from home!

April 2, 2013

Sorry for the lack of post last week, with the Easter bank holiday I had far too much to finish before friday so the blogging had to go! So happy belated Easter, hope you all had a good one and enjoyed the break. Although the break is great it sort of makes it harder to get back into it, especially when you work day and night up to it!! This Easter was also my birthday weekend so a double celebration, so lots of socialising which involved eating so back to the exercise this week, will have to get 4 in now!!

In regards to the shop I have still got loads to do!, furniture order to finalise, which fabrics to feature, lamps, do we include pendant light fittings! the list goes on……ahhhh.

This nicely brings me on to working at home and how to create a nice working interior without making it look like an office (ie, office desk and chair plonked in the corner of the room). Currently we work from home and have one of the largest rooms converted as an office (3 desks with a lot a lot of reference stuff) I am now starting to think how we can create the space back into a room as we will be mainly based in the shop, but with a desk at home as I will be working from home for part of the day. So the current office is going to go back to a 2nd lounge/study and although it needs to be a practical space it also needs to work as a relaxing space, so some clever storage is going to be key and I’m very much in favour of either using a dining room table or a more traditional writing table instead of a desk. I think a desk light will definitely feature as I will need a flexible lighting solution but also a table lamp will also be on the table which will make it more homely, as I’ve  said before it’s also a great way to ad drama and reflect your taste/personality, I’m thinking one of the dog lights to add a bit of fun!

One of my bug bearers is when people use a very office looking chair in a home office, I know they are more comfy but just don’t fit within home look, an upholstered chair looks so much better and I have used dining room chairs before, if you are sitting for long periods of time maybe look at getting a more retro chair, there are lots on the market and fit much better within the scheme, one of my favorite companies is Arper and love the Catifa chair as you have a multiple choice of options, upholstered vs wood, swivel base, arms or armless!!

blog workin space chair copy

Take a look at the following pics I found on Lonny magazine, I’m thinking this type of look for the new home office, instead of pictures lent up on shelfs I thought I could have pin boards which relate to projects and the next season collection for the shop. Can you see what I mean about using a table which isn’t typically a desk! hope you enjoy.



Another nice touch is if you have a large shelving unit try breaking it up with hanging a picture over the front, it totally breaks the space up and stops it looking too business like! a great tip hay! I’m going to try this as even though I’m moving a lot into the shop I’m still going to have a library of products at home!

ImageHave a great Tuesday!


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