Masculine interiors – Why it works

April 12, 2013

The nightmares are still not going away (my 6 year old’s not mine!!) Still onward and upward, lot’s to do so can’t let exhaustion get in the way! Loads of work being done on the shop at the mo, so daily visits to drop off bits and pieces required for builder (my dad), so wall is down and patching up is in progress. Floor boards were in pretty good nick so got a couple of reclaimed boards to replace damaged ones and hay presto ready for sanding and staining on  the weekend, can’t wait to see the end result so excited (I know I know a bit sad to get excited about a floor!!) Gone for a washed aged umber stain? don’t want the floor boards looking to pristine! Shelving is ready and at the sprayers and new shop fascia being fitted on Monday, so soon it will start looking like a proper shop, now what colour shall I paint it inside, light or dark walls!!! Still quite a few more decisions to make, mainly cushions, art and fabrics.  I think a day and an evening on the shop is in need of! been spending far too much time on projects! Well I do have to fit one little project in today!

Anyway enough of my ramblings lets talk interiors! but I thought I would touch on masculine interiors today as obviously it’s easier for me to create this look and sometimes I have to reign in the over masculine schemes. Luckily most of my projects and clients have picked me for my style so I don’t get too many flowery girly interior requests and the one thing that is always a NO NO is they don’t want the home to look like a show home, and when I say show home I’m meaning the staged matching look.  I think having the Masculine look gets over this so well.  I’m not in to using heavy patterned wallpapers with clashing pattern fabrics this look is just so done and can date soooo much quicker! It’s much more of a blended look for me, mixing textures and using darker tones which create contrasts and balances the scheme, then throw in the oddball colour! Which is also a great way to personalise it more to your taste. If you want a more feminine look, add some feminine colours or just the one patterned fabric to throw it off balance it will work so much better than painting the walls in pastel shades or patterned wallpapers and having every pattern under the sun thrown in for good luck!.  Trust me the blended option works and much easier to keep adding to. Adding flowers is also a great way to soften the overall look, and lots of them, I know what your saying it’s expensive to have flowers all the time! but you can now get some great faux flowers which will cost a bit to get the good ones, but you have them for ever so worth the outlay, something we will be having a lot of in the shop! Image

This picture above totally explains what I’m going on about, a very masculine overall scheme, lots of greys (at least 50 shades) and just a small vase of pink flowers.


And this pic has also an overall masculine feel but the patterned cushion, table lamp and ornate picture just soften it slightly, also a very blended interior, just a little too bland for me but this can be easily altered with just a pop of colour!


And one of my favorites, I know Iv’e used this image before but this explains about the contrast, the dark pieces of furniture contrast beautifully with the walls and the placing of the items for me is spot on! A little darker on the walls though would make it perfect!

Right off to do my daily delivery to the shop!. A little break for me this weekend, going sailing to Lundy island and back, have to do it within 24 hrs, apparently gale force winds so should be interesting but this is why we are doing it this weekend to get there and back as quick as we can!! A little bit nuts i hear you say, probably!! wish me luck. Will report on progress next week if I get back!!

Have a great weekend!


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