April 18, 2013

Morning, The sailing trip I mentioned in the blog last week didn’t go quite as planned, we set off with predicted winds of 20mph which would of got us going but the wind didn’t pick up until 2 hours into the journey and delayed us too much, we were an hour away from Lundy when the Gail Force wind warning came in and decided to turn back, didn’t fancy being abandoned on Lundy island for days!! Although always fancied having a Robinson Crusoe moment it wouldn’t of been quite the same!

Thought I would talk to you about kids rooms today, don’t get to design many of these as it’s usually one of the rooms that is easier to tackle yourself or they can get a bit neglected! My take on it is treat it like your own room when laying it out and buying new furniture, don’t make it too kiddyfied as you’ll only have to change it again when they grow out of it, which believe me doesn’t take long! I have a 10 year old which only feels like a few years ago she was born!!! Maybe I’m just trying not to admit I’m any older but hay ho! So look at some more grown up pieces of furniture which they can grow up with, this is the perfect time to throw in that vintage find! I always start with a limited pallet of colours, usually neutral as you can layer up the colours with items such as a painted chest of drawers in a bright colour and adding lamps etc,  have a bit more fun with the window treatment, my usual motto is blend the curtains in with the walls but definitely on a kids interior you can go for a funky fabric or colour and if it’s a girls room you can pretty it up with adding beaded fringes etc. This can also be a great excuse to wallpaper a room, you know when you haven’t been quite brave enough to pick a bold patterned wallpaper, hey now’s your chance go for it in your kids room. My tip is don’t go too kid like, pick a more grown up paper but a bold pattern and wallpaper the whole room, take a look at some of these pics I found! ImageSee what I mean with the wallpaper, it’s grown up but as soon as the book shelf full of kids books and toys make an appearance it totally looks like a kids room, genius! Also in the pic above is built in bunk beds, had to show you this one as I love it, I think the room in this pic is a guest room but this can be easily adapted to a kids room, something I’m going to do for my boys room, it’s on the very long list to do!!Image And heres an example of the neutral scheme with the pop of colour added, this one is more of a nursery. I do feel a few more baby things could be added, probably the curtain treatment but like the soft green/blue walls with the strong blue sofa.

Happy Thursday guys! actually can’t believe it’s Thursday already!!


2 Responses to “Kids…..rooms”

  1. supersec Says:

    A great read – my son’s favourite colour is RED, but it’s really not the sort of colour I imagine going working well in a bedroom. So he’s settled for some football posters with lots of red in them.

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