Sneak Peak!

April 25, 2013

Not good getting up early when you worked late last night. Currently sat in the shop as I had to get here early as one of the deliveries could turn up from 7am and then I have to wait for the BT engineer, the glamorous life of an interior designer!! I’m sat with in mountain of boxes, deep down I’m itching to open every box and look at all the great items we have bought for the shop but If I start doing this there is no way I will get any work done today!! Oh delivery has turned up, be back in a mo…………………….Right, Andrew Martin items delivered and checked, it was a bit like Christmas! the only snag is I like the products so much I almost don’t want to sell them, I know I know totally not the point but when you have been staying up late choosing these items the last couple of months you sort of get attached to them. Heres a sneak peak of some of my favourites.


As my post last week on kids room was so well received I thought I would post this pic I found a couple of days ago, This is a really fun thing to do for a kids room, might cost a bit to do or better still if you have a carpenter in the family I’m sure he could knock one up  in no time! Take a close look, as soon as you take the bed/stage away you have a very grown up decorated room and this was my point, start with a more grown decorating plan then add the drama (excuse pun) as per below, a stage for your kids to entertain you, or maybe you want to have ago at being on the stage! I bet we’ve all fancied being in the lime light at some point in our life! Enjoy


Have a great day! Got to finish a scheme for a conservatory, so must get on with it! And I am well chuffed as managed to get 5 exercise sessions in last week! although I think my body has given up so not sure if I will manage that this week!!

PS, a bit late posting as no internet connection at the shop!!


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