Perfect shade of grey!!

April 26, 2013

Another late night working in shop pricing!! So decided to cycle the kids to school this morning in the sunshine, felt very European and stopped off in high street for a quick coffee and rather than do nothing thought I would write the blog!

Recently Iv’e had a couple of clients that are scared to go with the decorating schemes I’ve put together, think its a real shame when this happens as the schemes that always work out are when the client just goes with it, I suppose it’s just taking a leap of faith! And most of the time it’s over the paint colour which is one of the cheapest items, if its not quite right it’s easily rectified no!  Hay I know exactly what’s it like as I’ve been having a nightmare with the paint colour for the shop, I know what I’m trying to achieve but can I find the correct hue! A big fat no! Thought I found it! painted a sample which was great, started painting the wall and its not quite as I’ve imagined!! The perfect shade of grey is the hardest colour to get right. Anyway guys trust me get the hue right on the walls, opt for that bit darker and when you start adding the layers, ie vases of flowers, art etc etc, it will totally transform it, take a look at these pics, if the wall/background colour was lighter it wouldn’t work half as well.



(Images courtesy of Lonny Magazine)

Also one of the things I think will totally change the mood of a room is simply a massive vase of faux flowers, I think spending money on the right one is key, if you love it you will have it forever and it would be worth that little bit extra you’ve spent on it,  take a look at the ones that have just arrived in the shop, couldn’t resist getting it out. Pop this on a small table or cabinet and believe you me it will transform the space!


Hay it’s Friday, weekend coming up, still 3 exercise sessions to get in, whoops a bit slack this week!!

Now back to finding this perfect shade of grey!!!!


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