Heads up!

May 3, 2013

It’s been a mental week as we open the doors of the shop on 11th May from 2-4pm, it’s all official, so if your in the area please pop in. Druid Hill, Stoke Bishop, Bristol. As i’m writing it’s such a scary thought as we have so much still to do, working weekend, lot’s of decorating, putting up shelves etc. But we are getting there! Still waiting for a few deliveries to turn up and, 3 deliveries are turning up on Friday next week, talk about leaving it down to the wire!! Still all good, working like a dog and it doesn’t help when you have man flu (bad cold).

Anyway as I’m up against it I will keep this one short but thought I would talk bout headboard for the bedroom, personally I think they can totally transform a bedroom. Not only are they extremely practical it’s a great way to add some drama into the room which can reflect your taste and personality! You can go totally over the top or keep it simply, go large, go long or shape it, your choice. Now picking a fabric could be tricky, if you go for a busy fabric keep the headboard shape simple or if you go for a plain fabric try something different with the shape or you could add studding around the edge. In the past I have done all sorts but nowadays I stick with the more simply options. Don’t get me wrong if you have the most amazing bedroom with wonderful features, there may be no need for a headboard just a simple bed! but most of us have box rooms and the headboard is suddenly the key feature. One of my favorite designers Kit Kemp who is one of the owners for Firmdale Hotels (take a look www.firmdalehotels.com amazing hotels) does headboards so well, usually quite simple, horizontal bands with bold pattern fabrics, teamed with classic pieces of furniture and a simple but striking decorating scheme and wham bam you’ve nailed it, sounds simple but I know it’s not!! Anyway take a look at one of her hotel bedrooms!


And some other different shapes and sizes.


Blog headbaords

If your not keen on the upholstered headboards you could try something totally different like this one below which is reclaimed wood!!

Blog headboards 2

Have a great bank holiday wekend!


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