Bathing in your bedroom!

May 28, 2013

Hi Guys, after a week off in the sun, I’m back and raring to go. Don’t get me wrong I love going on Holiday but when you work for yourself there’s always something nagging in your head that you must just email this or do that, it’s hard to totally switch off. The one really good thing is you have to time to reflect on your business and come back wanting to make things better and improve your services. So, more short holidays planned for the future I think, can’t quite cope with longer holidays at the moment, would almost have panic attacks If I went over a week!! sad I know!

Staying in a very nice resort in Marbella made me realise how well the apartment was designed, not in regards to the decor, this could of been better but the layout of the rooms, especially the master bedroom was excellent, the ensuite bathroom was almost in the room, no doors just a double opening with a lower ceiling which made the space feel like a different area. The toilet was separate with a door (almost like it was in a cupboard) but this kept it out of the way and made the vanity unit the key piece within the space and one of the reasons the concept worked as open plan.

So, I’m now knocking down my walls to our ensuite and going to create a similar feel, as it’s such a good vibe, almost like you have a suite! but it is so practical, now I know this won’t be possible for most as you need a big space to do this, we haven’t got the biggest bedroom but we do have a built in wardrobe area before you enter the ensuite so I think it’s possible for me to do something. Try sketching out a plan of your space as it might be possible and definitely worth considering this type of layout if your building or renovating a house.

Take a look at the below pics, the first one take’s up hardly any room so you never know what you could achieve!




Have a great day!


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