Finishing touches

May 30, 2013

I know Iv’e touched on this before but I’m going to talk about accessorising, getting that finishing touch as this is what most of my clients struggle with. Since opening the shop everyone (or most, not quite everyone) saying they don’t know how to accessorise! For me this is one of the most important things, you can have a dreary old cabinet but dress it up correctly and it can look a million dollars or you can have the most expensive piece of furniture with nothing on and it looks drab!! Get the finishing touches right and you can have cool place which hasn’t had to cost the earth!!

First rule, Keep the colour pallet simple, have too many clashing colours and patterns and it could feel like you great aunt as been for tea! Then you can afford to have the 1 or 2 wam bam colours which will bring the display alive, like the colour in a picture or flowers (faux flowers are a great way to add colour and last forever!)

Second rule, Layer it up, the more layers the more interesting it will look, this includes mixing the heights and when I say layers take a look at one of the pics, it’s how things overlap and sit in front of each other.

Third rule, mix the items, A lamp, vase, tealight holder or trinket box on a pile of books, a sculpture or ornament and suddenly now things are starting to work rather than looking lost!


Lot’s of layering with this pic above, it shows the mix of objects and different heights, also the dark colour wall behind really hits the nail on the head for me.


This one is simple but still shows a mix of items, colour pallet is the same but works, especially with the art


This is my favourite and totally nails the layering look, love the way the pics over lap each other and in  front of the mirror, the vase and ornament look so much better in how they are placed. Take the pictures away and the ornaments would look lost!! And the ping of colour in the pic is great!!

We will start doing some event days in the shop showing you how to accessorise, the first one will concentrate on using faux flowers, will post more info when it’s been finalised!

Have a great day!

Ps. Pictures curtesy of lonny mag


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