It’s what you walk on that counts!!

June 13, 2013

A quick post today, had man flu this week, but soldiering on….. so no exercise this week, feel like a lazy blob!! Hopefully will feel well enough to fit at least a run in over the weekend.

Lets get down to flooring! I think this can always be overlooked! Most go for the safe option, which I do understand, as its one of the most expensive things to do. But you shouldn’t let this discourage you from just thinking a little outside the box! And by this I mean some simple improvements. In my opinion pale oak is so over used. My first recommendation is go darker on the floor, no it won’t make the space look smaller, get the rugs right and the dark floor will contrast beautifully and almost makes the furniture, walls look so much better. Sort of shows it off rather than everything blending in to each other, especially when using a  ping of colour.

David hutton blog floor

2nd thing is try something different if your going with wood flooring, look at a large herringbone design or wide planks, this will make the floor look more contemporary. Also try flowing the floor from room to room without door joiners, it will make the space look more fluid and larger.

David hutton blog floors3

If your thinking carpet try a darker colour or something a bit more radical like this large sisal design, one of my clients has this all over the house, she said its easy to keep clean and not only that it looks great, sort of adds more interest.

David hutton blog floor 5

Now if your feeling really radically, you can totally mix the flooring up, try adding a strip of wood flooring within tiles or carpet, take a look at the below pic.

David hutton blog floors 6

Get this right and it could look amazing and transform the room, getting the contrast correct is key.

Finally if your budget can’t stretch to new flooring try adding rugs, although it is very on trend to overlap rugs I think this is hard to pull off, so I say go for a large rug and if you have a neutral scheme try something a bit more punchy like this stripe or a zig zag design, I Love it!

David hutton blog floor2 copy

Have a great weekend!


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