Putting it off!

June 19, 2013

I have nearly fully recovered from the man flu! so back to a normal this week. Got to get into a regular exercise regime otherwise I’m going to turn into a fat blob. When you do get into exercise it’s funny how you miss a week and almost feel guilty, never thought I would say that!! almost feel off my chair thinking it!!

I’m still thinking DIY this week, I have so much to do on my own house, I have sort of been putting it off thinking I will wait until I can buy that amazing piece of furniture etc, which I guess most of us do but I could be waiting a long time with the money that gone into the shop there is no budget for the house!. So it’s going to be designing on a shoe string and I’m thinking of basing some of my posts on the rooms I need to do.

First up is the Master bedroom, It’s going to have a paint job, so all walls and skirting’s are being painted out in a dark hue. We do have a sort of headboard which is wallpapered in a textured copper finish. If the budget could stretch I would re do this but it’s going to have to stay! The next main thing and something I have wanted to do for ages is painting the wardrobe doors, at the moment they are a light birch colour, yuk! They are melamine so this will be a quick fix as in time the paint will chip, they will get replaced when the wallet can cope! . A couple of simple side tables will also get painted. I’m sort of hoping the wall paint will be the main transformation of the room, as we are going dark we will need to break up the walls and space which I will do with large pictures, mirrors, and a wall of curtains which is going to be my biggest cost and something that is at the top of the list as it will make the room feel more cosy. It’s a newish house so no real features, If you have amazing windows sometimes leaving it simple works better! Then the final touches will be adding the interesting objects, nice lamps, will probably splash out on at least one nice lamp as this can totally change the overall feel, especially if you go super sized! Add a few vases with some greenery, books piled up, that sort of thing. You want to make the room feel like it’s lived in without looking messy. So a great little tip is plonking all your daily items like cosmetics etc on a little tray, it sort of keeps it interesting but tidy! And finally I will be hunting for a small rug to break up the carpet which is a bit bland, I’m thinking zig zag!!

Heres what I’m thinking for the wall colour, a bit risky hey!!


And a pic to show you what I mean about a tidy mess!

David hutton blog Master bedroom


Blog artofdisplay1

Have a great Wednesday!




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