Black is so under estimated

July 11, 2013

Not a great start to the week, think I was out in the sun too long on Sunday and was ill the start of the week, feverlike!! Talking gyberish in my sleep (no change there then I hear you say!!) But it’s so nice to have heat it’s just too tempting not to stay outside. So becasue the weather has been so good the bedroom has taken a back seat, and it’s not going to get started for a few more weeks as away the next couple of weekends. Hopefully will take a few days off in the summer to finish it or even start it!!

Today I thought I would talk about the dreaded colour black, in my opinion one of the most under estimated colours and in my book one of the most importmant. Use black in the right way and it can totally transform room, picture, acessroeies etc etc, it literally works with all things. At the moment I am a fan of black walls, I know, I know I can hear you all saying yuk isn’t it a bit gothic and depressing but I don’t think so, get the correct hue of black, not too dense almost a nearly black (F&B do a great one called Off Black) or if not a very dark grey will work just as well. Best place to try this out could be in a hallway as this is a space you don’t spend all your time in. It could be just one small wall at the end of a hallway, a few pictures plonked on the wall and you’ve created a great little feature. Another great way of trying out a black wall is in a Kitchen as a blackboard wall, you can get blackboard paint from any DIY store. You could always paint it as a strip from floor to ceiling if you haven’t got a small wall.

Another thing for me is black floors, I love them as I think it makes all the furniture look so much better, almost acts as a stage and contrasts so well, rather than blending in and looking boring, definitely going for black floors down stairs when I refurb (which could be a while).

If your not brave enough to use black on the walls or floors you can use it pretty much everywhere else, lamp shades a good one, picture frames (for me they contrast against the wall beautifully) A tray on a side board with accessories on, or simply one small piece of furniture like a side table would work really well. Take a look at the pictures below, I hope you agree that the black is what makes most of these interiors.

david hutton blog black5

Blackboard wall, perfect if you have a recess area like this, and compliments the black kitchen cupboards

David hutton blog black4

I know you have seen this pic before, but perfect explanation of how good black can look in an interior, not just on floor, windows, shelving unit and the sculpture on the table works a treat.

David hutton blog black3

One of my favourite pictures and I keep using it but the black wall with all the pictures looks great, the pictures break it up perfectly. And if you are daring enough the pic on the right has all walls painted!!

david hutton blog black2 david hutton blog black1


Another thing on my list is having black kitchen cupboards, love the left pic which is one of my favourite American designers Nate Berkus, the units where previously white but look so much better in glossy black, much more sophisticated.

Now go paint something black!!

Have a great sunny day!


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