Quick fixes!

August 1, 2013

Right really got to get my act together with sorting out the house, got friends staying in a few weeks and the downstairs room that used to be the office needs transforming back to a casual lounge but have a stag do and a trip to Cornwall in between so not much time to do it, will give it a go at least!!

With this in Mind I thought I would talk about quick fixes but on a budget! So guys the most transforming thing to do in a room is painting the walls but op for a more striking look, just dare to go that bit darker it will transform the space in an instant, I’m going really dark almost charcoal grey!! I’m going add lots of pictures which breaks the space up and will give the walls depth.

David hutton interiors blog 1

David hutton interiors blog 2


My next tip is add a graphic rug, you can get some real bargains out there try urban outfitters and ikea, I’m going for a black and white version which will be dramatic, always need a bit if drama I say!!

David hutton interiors blog 3

Tip 3, add shelves as this really breaks the Space up, the floating ones from ikea are as cheap as! I’ve put 2 together wall to wall so they look like they have been made to fit, I had to cut them down a bit so u may need a saw or someone handy but worth it as they look so much better. Also another tip is paint them out the same colour as the walls. Now this is we’re u add your personality, so layer the shelves with books pictures lent up overlapping each other, the odd ball ornament will finish it off!!

David hutton interiors blog 4

Now adding the furniture is the hard part mainly as its the biggest ticket priced item so if budget allows for new pieces great if not (like us) I’m just adding a new coffee table I’m going for a reclaimed one which breaks up the look as everything else has cleaner lines, always good to mix it you don’t want matching furniture it will look boring! I’m still going for some simple modern cabinets from ikea for the tv unit again cheap and the same trick as the shelves add some together to fit within a space makes it looked built in, which didn’t cost much but looks like it cost a buck! If budget can’t stretch to new sofa or chairs u can hunt for some second hand ones but in my opinion this can take an age to find the right look and a bargain, to juzz up an old sofa u can add throws and lots of mix match cushions, try jewel block colours for this as its on trend and if budget could stretch to new chairs do these in a block bright colours it will throw the whole scheme off balance, which us a good thing. Remember to limit the colour palette you don’t want too many colours as it will then feel wrong. Don’t forget, get the rug right and this could be the winning piece that will help with using existing furniture as it will distract the eye away.

David hutton interiors blog 5

Happy decorating!


2 Responses to “Quick fixes!”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Hi I love all your tips! Thanks for sharing.
    I would really like to go dark blue in my living room, scary as it is. I love the blue on your photo above. Do you happen to know what colour it is? Or where the photo is from?
    Or any suggestions as to a similar paint colour. I have tried Hague blue which I love but I think is a bit darker. Also have a tester of Little Greenes Juniper Ash. Amazing colour but it looks darker than the blue in the photo Maybe it’s just the lighting in the photo?
    Thanks Andrea

    • Hi Andrea, thanks for your comments!
      That is a great colour in the picture, I think you will have to try a few different blue tones to get it right! The image is from Real online magazine which is Australian. Also love Hague Blue but this is a tricky colour to get right also as it is quite dark and can look really different when painted. I use a paint company called Colortrend http://www.colortrend.ie/your-home/our-paints/historic-collection/paints/, they have a great Historic collection and I think Ox Vein, which is a murky blue (not as dark as Hague Blue) would work well, they also have one called Dragonfly Wing which is more similar to the blue in the picture. Personally I think the murky blue option is best! Good on you for daring to go darker and a great choice. The key to getting the look right is how you dress the walls after, don’t be too scared once you’ve painted, it will look darker as your looking at plain walls. Once you start adding pictures it will totally change the look and break the darkness up. Lots of white mount on the pictures is good. Happy decorating

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