Entertaining in style!

August 13, 2013

Sorry for lack of post last week, went on a mini break to cornwall for 3 days and it rained solidly for 2 of them!! Think we picked the worst weekend of weather we have had for weeks!! typical!!

Seeing as it seems to be the season to entertain I thought I would talk about styling your dinner table! And seeing as we have had hotter weather we are entertaining more outside!

you’ve got to think slightly outside the box, you don’t have to have a wad of cash to make a table look more inviting  it’s the simply things that can make it look intriguing. My most favourite thing is adding flowers, it could be as simple as adding a row of jam jars filled with blooms down the centre of the table. I also use candle holders as they are like mini vases! the next thing is adding a runner or table cloth, I always use an off cut of fabric or simply buy a couple of metres of fabric as the choice is so much better than trying to find a tablecloth. I then just fold it usually like a runner and go for something dramatic, especially if you have white simple crockery, this will make the table far more interesting. I love the bold stripe one in the pic below or even just a bold colour looks great.

When adding flowers I would use this opportunity to add that all important splash of colour. Another great little thing to do is adding tea lights dotted around, I almost like a tea light per guest. If u get the table cloth and flowers right I like to keep the crockery simple, I personally think too much crockery on a table can make it look cluttered. Once the table is clear you still want it too look great so it’s important to get the look correct without the crockery! One of the key things is contrast, contrast between the crockery and the cloth! I love the black plate in one of the picture and gold is making a massive comeback and looks great within the table setting.

david hutton blog ent4

david hutton blog ent3

David hutton blog ent 1

Above is one of my favourite American designers Kelly Wearstler who is a master at setting a table and uses objects and sculptures to dress the table.

David hutton blog ent5

Right that’s  it from me! I have included a few pics of a dInner party we hosted earlier this year which was featured in the crumbs food magazine! luckily one of my friends is a private chef which obviously helped! don’t do what I did and decide to paint one of the walls the night before!! Crazy!!


Have great day!


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