August 23, 2013

Sorry guys a bit slack on getting the post out this week, just managed to finish it so here you go.

Thought I would talk about curtains. It’s one of those items a lot of people will spend money on but get it wrong and you will have to live with a costly mistake! So I thought I would give you a few tips.

Tip 1, If you want to live with them for a while go for simply, I always blend the curtains in with the walls, for me it’s more about texture than pattern.

Tip 2, Simple heading, I always always opt for cartridge pleat heading as it looks really simply and elegant when drawn, almost like it’s just neatly looped back.

Tip 3, If budget allows go for interlining the curtains which is like sewing in a blanket inbetween the fabric and lining, it makes them look so luxurious

Tip 4, If you don’t want them too plain go for a simple pattern, we have a small patterned fabric in the shop, we get so many compliments about them.

Tip 5, Add a texture to a plain fabric like a soft velvet band across the bottom, main fabric in say a linen, a great way to have plain curtains but adding interest without going for a bold pattern, this could also be a good way to add a plash of colour

Tip 6, My favourite thing to do is add tape trimmings, adds interest without over doing it.

Tip 7, If you have’t got big budget go for sheer fabric curtains as they are so much chepaer to make and you only need to buy the sheer fabric as no need for lining etc. This will still soften the room but won’t totally block light out so there may be need for blinds or use in a room that you don’t want to  close off from the rest of the world

Tip8, If you are brave, go for a bright jewel colour, get this right and this can look amazing! much harder look to pull off and you really need to have the rest of the room nailed with the furniture etc as you don’t just want to walk in a room with the curtains being the only feature, this will make the rest of the room look dull as dish water.

Take a look at these pic, Loving the green curtains, thinking I need to do this somewhere at home. But where is the question!!

David hutton blog curtains shop

This is a pic from my shop (excuse the poor photo taken on my iphone) and explains tip 1, 2, 3 & 4

David hutton blog curtains

Above pics show curtains (tip 5) with  bands added on the bottom and the right hand side photo shows adding a contrast leading edge, just a adding a little ping of colour stops the curtains looking to plain!


David hutton blog curtains tape


Add pattern  tape to edge of curtains, totally transforms them and a cheap way to add a bit of interest, Tip 6

David hutton blog curtains sheer

Tip 7 which is great for budget option, sheer curtains, pick the correct hue and they can look great!

David hutton blog curtains jewel

And if you are brave go for a bright colour, love the curtains in the pic above still simple but very effective. Note you either have to have an amazing room or great furniture to pull this off to it’s full advantage. The grey walls work perfectly!

Have a great weekend guys!



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