Sorry for lack of posts recently, it’s been a bit crazy here. Installed a London job last week, dressing and supplying furniture for a 3 million pad in Knightsbridge which was for a developer, how the other half live hey!! So the last week has been hectic to say the least and not only that we have work coming out of our ears so lots to get on with!! Not complaining at all by the way!

Couple of weeks ago I went up to the Autumn Fair in Birmingham, I have to say I wasn’t all that impressed. The main reason I went  was to look at a faux flower supplier, which was good and did manage to find a couple of new companies, ordered some amazing fragrance candles and olive & fig was the winning smell for me. So Paris it is for me next year (one of the biggest trade shows for interiors), all my current suppliers exhibit their so that’s going to be more up our street. And hopefully more inspirational, I can’t believe the tat that is still in demand in this country!!

Today I thought I would talk about general interiors and why I love it. For me having a nice home is the most important thing, I don’t get it when people spend all there money on other things? as the home is where u spend most of your time and I always use this quote “A comfortable house is a great source of happiness. It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience” (Sydney Smith) so many people spend money on cars and gadgets but walk into there home and they have magnolia walls and 20 year old sofa, but the latest high tech tv is pride of place in the middle of the wall!! Huh don’t get it, much prefer to sit in a room that you feel you don’t want to leave and instantly relax,  and have a tiny tv instead! You don’t have to have oodles of money just a bit of imagination and bravery to try things out if from the norm, u can Instantly transform a room with paint and the darker u go the better!!

So here’s a few if my favourites interiors.


This explains my point exactly, small TV, money spent on art instead which makes for an intriguing interior! Totally love the collection of art and using every bit of space possible!


Both above pics, are a Hotel in Miami but I love the look which could work in a home perfectly, the lounge makes me want to pop my self down, sip gin and tonics and read a book all day! Mind you the view of the sea helps!!

All images are from Martin Brudnizki Design Studio in London, one of my favourite designers.

Thats it for me today as got to get on with a million and one things to do!

Have a great day!