Commercial homeliness

November 28, 2013

I thought this morning I would talk about commercial projects as I have a few floating around! I have just finished designing a reception for a very corporate office in the centre of Bristol and my biggest challenge is making the space feel homely! It’s a brand spanking new building so lots of hard surfaces making it feel even more corporate and boring. For me adding the right amount of furniture is key, I see so many receptions with small sofa’s, chairs and tables, usually plonked in the corner and in black leather! So my first must have was:

1). Add plenty of furntiture, large sofa’s and upholstered chairs in fabric not leather

2). Add splashes of colour, a printed wallpaper is a great way to add this, almost like art on a wall (but much cheaper) and go for fabric in a daring colour on some items of the furniture.

3). As the floor was already tiled a super large rug was in desperate need!

4). Lighting is another key element, a focal pendant or 2 have been added to create interest but also to break up the big expanse of ceiling.

5). Ambient soft lighting was a must, which was added with lots of floor lamps. This is the game changer for me, not only does it create a much warmer cosier light but also makes the space feel more homely and attracts the eye, breaking up dead space.

6). Another way to break up the space is adding screens, this could be fabric panels, I opted for slatted screens which has helped zone the space.

7). Fabric was another thing that the space cried out for, so a simple curtain was added to one section of the glazed wall to add softness and also help with the acoustics.

8). Greenery, large planters with lots of foliage

9). Add something of interest, this could be sculpture, piece of art, on this particular project there was a very dark metal slatted wall,   so we added big backlit letters, welcoming you as soon as you enter the building.

A few pictures but there are not that many around which nail it for me.


The fabric screens and ambient lighting totally break up this space.



Have a great day!


Sorry all, it’s been a while since my last post, my feet have literally not touched the ground! been so busy in October,mainly working on a show home in Cardiff but back to it now and will get back to my weekly posts I promise.

For this post seeing as I have been working on a show home I thought this could be a good subject. You all should know me by now! banging on about darker walls! it’s a must for me, so the first thing on my to do list for the show home was to paint some rooms (budget permitting) a darker hue. Trust me if I had a bigger budget the whole house would of been painted (it had already been painted your standard beige, a nice beige mind you!). My first feature was to break up the open plan kitchen, I know these days everyone likes open plan living but the space can look a little dead if you don’t create any interest, so a blackboard paint wall it was and adding a slatted screen or 2 did the trick. For me the black wall totally changes the look and is the game changer. Mixing the furniture is also key, a bit of old with a glam piece and a punchy colour works wonders.

The lounge had to be dramatic, the hue on the walls was one of the ways to achieve this (which is the cheapest way)  darker than most would dare and the developer nearly got us to re paint it! but once the furniture and art came out it worked so well and I loved it so i managed to persuade him to stick with my madness! which is hard for some to understand I know!! I also added an interesting wallpaper to an alcove which created that extra bit if intrigue.

A  bug bearer for me in your normal type of show home is how its dressed, almost a false way of living, don’t get me wrong its hard to make a house look lived in when its not but theres nothing wrong with injecting a bit more personality into the space, making it feel more like a home rather than a show piece. For me its all about mixing the styles, don’t matchy match things too much, ie same fabric used on a headboard and curtains and just because you have a console table it doesn’t mean the lamps have to come in two by two, a couple of different lamps, art propped up against the wall, a couple of vases, jugs, vessels with faux flowers is a much better option!

The show home was open a week and half and that unit has sold already, so it proves that being a little bit more daring (developers out there) is a good thing!!

Anyway enough of my rambling, pictures below courtesy of Loosemore Hope you like!

David Hutton Interiors showhome 1

David Hutton Interiors showhome 6

David Hutton Interiors showhome 2

David Hutton Interiors showhome 3

David Hutton Interiors showhome 4

David Hutton Interiors showhome 5 

David Hutton Interiors showhome 7

have a great day