What makes a bathroom!

February 3, 2015

Just can’t seem to warm up this morning, so cold in the shop so sat here with my coat and scarf on!!

Thought I would talk about bathrooms, which I don’t do so often, maybe it’s because I’m working on one and it’s inspired me too.

What makes a normal bathroom! I would say tiling the whole space and making it look a little too clinical. I say throw all that out the window and start by trying to think of it like any other room as you do spend every morning and evening in it and if you are lucky and not short of time like me, you relax in there after a hard days work.

So go moody, dark walls, low lighting to create that relaxing feeling which is a must and on the top of the list.

Here’s some pointers to get you started:

  1. Ditch the all over tiles, just tile what’s required and don’t go crazy with the tile design as it’s something that can easily date
    David hutton interiors
  2. Treat the rest of the walls like any other room, so adding wallpaper is a great tip or painting the walls and ceiling in a dark hue
    David hutton interiors, wallpaper in bathrooms
  3. Lighting! Don’t over light with rows of spots, concentrate the lighting to the areas that needs it, this will create dark spots making the space more inviting. Adding wall lights either side of the mirror adds interest and glamour (if you pick the right fitting)
    davidhuttoninteriors, Glamorous bathroom, lighting and mirrors
  4. Mirrors, for me wall to wall mirrors is a bit done and can look a bit clinical. Adding a chunky frame or round mirror can change the look quite dramatically. When I worked on the Finzels Reach bathrooms which had all ready been fitted out, I simply painted a dark colour on the walls and added an interesting mirror. It changed the look in an instant.
    david hutton interiors,quick fixes for bathrooms
    (picture courtesy of Cubex)
  5. Flooring, a few years ago I always tiled the floors and walls the same, which I used to call the Spa Look. Now I tend to go completely different and at the moment I am a fan of wood as it’s a different texture to the hard tiles and yes, engineered wood can be used in bathrooms but you can also get great vinyl versions these days. Take a look at Amtico’s new range and they are all made in the UKdavid hutton interiors, wood floors in bathrooms
  6. Furniture, adding furniture if possible can be a game changer, a little table with a tray of your treasured items looks great or a stool works just as well. If you are short on space try adding a shelf or two, add a stack of towels and plant or a vase of flowers (faux of course) which adds the personality to the room. Another great idea to get furniture in the a small bathroom and what I’m about to do in mine is add a unit and plonk a sink on it, going for something quirky changes up the vibe rather than opting for the standard vanity unit type.David hutton interiors bathroom

    (this is the unit in my bathroom thats getting a sink on the top)

  7. Add the WOW, for the finale and that all important wow, you can hang a chandelier, ok electrics in a bathroom needs professional advice! but you can opt for a candle chandelier if not possible. One of the things that are forgotten in bathroom is art, adding art will finish the scheme off and stop making it look to much like a bathroom, if you get what I’m saying!! Maybe not but trust me these things work.Davidhuttoninteriorsbathroomwithchandelier

If your bathroom needs a little love at least try 2 of the suggestions above, you’ll be surprised what a difference it can make.


Art on a budget!!

June 26, 2013

Well my bedroom designs/decorating is coming on slowly, I still slightly undecided on which colour to paint the walls but have managed to sort out the furniture from pinching a table and lamp from the lounge which has already transformed the space and have pretty much decided about curtains and fabrics etc. I also had 2 frames with very old sketches in, which were a little dated and looking a bit too traditional for my taste, so I have decided to paint the frames an off white (because I’m going dark on the wall I’m thinking light frames to contrast and break up the colour) and I simply and very quickly drew a geometric pattern in shades of grey on the computer and replaced the existing print,  it’s completely changed the look and cost me nothing (already had a tester pot of paint I used) and just a little but if time! easy…no!

David hutton blog art

So I guess this brings me on to art, it’s one of the hardest things to pull off but it’s also one of the things that totally transforms a place. I say mix it, modern art, photography, oil painting…..anything goes. Try limited the colours as otherwise it could look like a miss match, 3 main colours within the collection will work best. If you have a load of cash this obviously makes it easier but believe you me it’s still hard to get it right. Sometimes art on a budget works better! as your more up for taking risks! Some tips on getting art on your walls without it costing a fortune is look at poster sites, (try http://www.allposters.co.uk) you can get some pretty dam cool posters for under a tenner, then frame it simply. I love the vintage travel posters! Another one if you have time is going to car boot sales and flea markets, not an option for me as I just don’t have the spare time so printing off a picture I can find on the internet is a much quicker options! Or create simple geometric patterns as per my revamped pic below, or greeting cards and postcards are a great inspiration, I have scanned many in and had them printed at the local copy shop and framed them. And another great idea is framing wallpaper and fabric (which is like art these days).

When hanging these on the walls,  mix a few photos in, I say casual family snaps. I  took a photo of a cathedral in Reims which was a great architectural picture but by the doorway was the wife and kids, you could hardly see them but it gives the photo so much more meaning. I printed it off A2 size framed it and you wouldn’t believe the comments I get about it!

Take a look at some of the pictures below which should explain what I’m going on about.

David hutton art blog 2

A mixture here, some sketches a photo and modern art

David hutton art blog 4

All photography in this one but play with the scale and it totally works!


David hutton art blog 5 copy


All sorts of art here, an old magazine cover but in some great frames, and in my opinion the pictures on the dark background rock!

David hutton art blog 1

So cool! the surfer dude’s pad!!

Hopefully by the next post I will be a bit further on with the bedroom and will show you a snippet of the colours and fabrics chosen.

Happy Thursday!