Colour Colour Colour

June 18, 2015

I’m just a little achy this week as for some strange reason I decided to enter the Velothon Wales on Sunday which was a closed road cycle event of 87 miles! I honestly didn’t think I would manage it but I did, and it wasn’t half as bad I thought. Except the 2 really big hills, One was called the Tumble which spans over 3 miles and the other was Caerphilly Mountain which sounds awful in it’s own right! and was tough!! The one thing I remember about the route, were the breath taking views of the welsh rolling hills. Which brings me onto talking about COLOUR, the vibrant blue of the sky and greens of the fields really made me think of getting colour into my interiors.

In my opinion we should always include colour in our room’s schemes, whether it’s winter or summer, but that’s for another blog post!! It’s the one thing that breaks the scheme up from being boring and bland. Getting colour into your rooms is easier than you think and you can in so many ways.

1). Be brave and slap some strong colour on your walls! I have just done this at Finzels Reach latest show apartments  a strong red/purple adorned the walls in the hallway which can bee seen through the double doors when you are in the living area which gives a great backdrop. Try painting a room and when I say room I mean all the walls in a strong deep colour, it will totally change the vibe. I have done this in my lounge and I love it. But please note the key is to break up the walls with lots of pictures and add lots of soft lighting.

2). If you’re not brave enough, go for a darker toned neutral and add colour with picking out a chair in a bright hue, or a rug which is a great way of getting that personality in to a room

3). Try painting the hallway, it’s the perfect room to do, as it’s a place you don’t spend much time in and the perfect place to try it out. It also looks great when looking through one of the rooms and can contrast to a nuetral room perfectly.

Adding colour, which can also be done with strong patterns will add intrigue to a scheme and takes it from drab to fab.

Screenshot 2015-05-02 15.37.15

Finzels Reach Cask show apartment, strong colour in hallway which can be seen from living area.

Screenshot 2015-05-02 15.38.51 cask_big_2

Finzels Reach Cask show apartments, darker walls with pops of colour in cushions


Finzels Reach Cask show apartments, strong colour in hallway with bright colour sofa, you have to be brave but it creates an impact

Below pictures collected on my travels showing how you can get colour into your interiors without necessarily painting your walls. ttT2Yv5GZDJx O_jYvpnh85Dx IMG_0056 cfk-Lm6wAJni5NsxZqzffdmgoiG13_j3M9ZqODVtISkQAPFKegKTaBwzARpLGzXC7rHQ1rLpW6FFczFEFRLOocalRB-GqAVUMFYd8RUTNEzOMI_kgk84zE4JuUTLYjYhE Bedroom+skirted+bedside+table+paired+blue+pWVb-69fOmol


Out with the old

March 14, 2014

Its the time of year when we all start thinking about updating our interior or some of us do! and I think it’s mainly because we can all see that spring is around the corner. Well it’s extremely foggy in Bristol and can’t see around the corner at all!! but we know it’s hiding out there somewhere!!

For me I want to add colour and freshen my interior up a notch, this could be simply changing your cushions on your sofa to adding some spring blooms, the more the better I say and definitely Faux’s as they can stay there until winter time!!, this is such a good way to add that all important splash of colour, a bit like the pic below, take the flowers away and it’s a bit snoring!


So if your feeling more daring you can add colour by painting, ok ok I know painting a strong colour on the walls is scary for so many of you but it is the most transforming thing you can do to your interior and if you don’t have the budget to add or change furniture it’s the simplest and most cost effective way and is a game changer trust me. If you don’t like it paint over it, no big deal right!! I don’t do what everyone does and paint the wall and think NO i don’t like it, you have to finish the room. The transformation doesn’t take place until the furniture goes back in place and art and pictures are up! If you are going for a bold or stronger tone, don’t forget that big pictures with white mounts break up the wall perfectly and if you are going for a bold colour please please go for more of an inky murky tone, it creates a much more sophisticated look and mood. Watch this space, we are looking at adding a dark, inky, moody paint collection in the shop. Message me if your interested in receiving info on this.

Here’s a few pics to inspire, if you don’t feel brave enough to paint the whole room why not try painting the back of some shelves in a bolder colour or a recess! I love the silk wallpaper behind the bed in one of the picture, transforms the room and add’s life.


splash of colour


bold colour


bold colour walls


dark colour walls

Absolutely loving the wall colour above, it’s my favourite colour of the moment and although a dark hue it still has an uplifting feeling to it. And this is what I mean about if you go for a bold colour go that little bit murky as it works!

Have a great weekend all!

Bold colour

August 30, 2013

Early start for me this morning, 6 o’clock rise to get a run in and after not running for a few weeks it was like starting all over again and the legs felt like lead weights! not good. After the run  wrote the blog then off to framers to talk about framing some wonderful art by Jo de Pear ( for a client, although the art is delicate the use of colour is amazing which brings me on to talking about colour, I’m starting to see interiors with the use of block colours! Now by block colours I mean very rich hues used on large areas. In my opinion it’s one of the hardest things to pull off! But get it right and it looks amazing. So if u want a bit of colour in your life why not try it out with paint, the easiest way to transform a room and the cheapest! And guess what if you don’t like it just paint over it! Simple right!!

If you are brave enough I say do the whole room in a deep  hue, look at the pic below, the room looks amazing and has a great use of colour.ImagePhotographer: Trevor Tondro


Love the above wall colours, especially the green.

The other way is to paint 1 wall, now I know feature walls are a thing of the past but I say if it works why not, I agree that the B&Q wallpaper feature walls have been done to death. I say try painting the room a darker hue with a wall in a block colour or you could try small areas like the back of shelves, in pic below I think it totally transforms the space and stops the simple shelves looking dull dull dull and showcases the items on the shelves so much better don’t you agree!

Image Photographer: Trevor Tondro

Now the other way is block colour on furniture, in the shop we have a small chest of drawers fairly traditional in style but painted out in a deep hue which makes it look more up to date and far less stuffy, sort of puts the fun into it! Now try adding an item of furniture in a bright colours but remember to restrict the colour pallet, u don’t want lots of colours fighting to be the star, pick one bright colour then others more paired down and ones that fit in with star colour, maybe add one other contrasting one! U can also block colour armchairs which is a great way, at the moment I love this orange fabric by mark Alexander, it’s also got a great texture, it’s going to feature in the shop soon and make its way into my new casual lounge! When I get chance to do it, still haven’t started the bedroom!! Whoops..


If this all seems a little scary try ping this in a small room, ensuite or cloakroom or a strip behind a desk would work well and is perfect starting point.Image

( Images from Rue, Real Living & Lonny Magazine)

Have a great day!