Summer interiors

April 29, 2015

It’s funny how I decided today to blog about summer interiors! In Bristol we have grey skies and it’s been chucking it down with rain.

I haven’t blogged for a while as I have been working on the next project for Finzels Reach and just finished 2 show apartments for the new Cask Store apartments. This time I have been involved with choosing all interior items for the scheme so it’s been a little hectic to say the least, but I’m hoping to get back to my normal routine, starting with the blog!

So now we have a glimpse of summer all you lot will start thinking about your interiors in a different way, out go the sheepskin throws.

Most will want to paint out the entire house in white to give it a fresh look, but I say NO to that! You all know I am a lover of dark paint colours and they can still work with summer schemes, trust me!!

My number 1 advice is paint a dark hue but introduce some softer colours in the upholstery and accessories to give that summer vibe. If you’re not brave enough to go dark all over (and when I paint my house the ceiling gets painted the same colour as the walls) try going dark somewhere. What I did in the recent show apartments at Finzles Reach was a dark hue in the hallway – A perfect place to create drama, especially as this is your first impression as you enter the property. We then calmed it down a little in the living area with a neutral tone on the main walls but introduced a dark colour to a feature column. By doing this you create a contrast to the neutral pallet. If you paint everything in the neutral colour the scheme becomes a tad dull and boring and we don’t want to be doing that!

Change your heavy curtains for sheers, I always opt for a soft linen which softens the interior, perfect for the summer and great for not blocking out that all important sun light. I’m still great fan of colour and always get a strong pop of colour into the scheme but mainly with cushions, accessories and art. I am starting to add strong colour to walls, but the much murkier kind, as they give a lot more depth as previously mentioned. I usually do this in hallways and bathrooms as it’s tricky to pull off in large rooms especially if it’s a strong colour. In the hallway at Finzles Reach we opted for a strong purple/red and a deep blue in the en-suite. This instantly gives character and complemented the tiles perfectly. One of my favourite colours for the bathroom is Bowery Blue from the Abigail Ahern paint range. It looks great and it gives that injection of colour, which is often required.

bowery blue on walls

Add lots of lighting which will soften the overall look, you can never have too many accent lights, like lamps. The experts say you should have up to 7 lighting effects in one room. That is quite hard going! I can manage about 6 including the pendant light in one of my rooms. At least try adding more lamps as it will change the look in an instant and can add that little bit of glamour and there are so many quirky lamps on the market which can also double up as a sculpture/art or a touch of tongue in cheek style. I always opt for the oversized lamp. It works a treat and you should always play with scale in a room.

Take a look at some of the interior pictures that have inspired me.

 Splashes of colour interiors

Splashes of summer colours in art and upholstery.

Neutral with pop of colour

pink schemes

Softer colours sitting against a darker hue on the walls, and check out the image on the right the ceilings are painted out the same colour as the walls.

Have a great day!

Look out for a post on my recent show apartments, photographer booked this week to take some pics.


What makes a bathroom!

February 3, 2015

Just can’t seem to warm up this morning, so cold in the shop so sat here with my coat and scarf on!!

Thought I would talk about bathrooms, which I don’t do so often, maybe it’s because I’m working on one and it’s inspired me too.

What makes a normal bathroom! I would say tiling the whole space and making it look a little too clinical. I say throw all that out the window and start by trying to think of it like any other room as you do spend every morning and evening in it and if you are lucky and not short of time like me, you relax in there after a hard days work.

So go moody, dark walls, low lighting to create that relaxing feeling which is a must and on the top of the list.

Here’s some pointers to get you started:

  1. Ditch the all over tiles, just tile what’s required and don’t go crazy with the tile design as it’s something that can easily date
    David hutton interiors
  2. Treat the rest of the walls like any other room, so adding wallpaper is a great tip or painting the walls and ceiling in a dark hue
    David hutton interiors, wallpaper in bathrooms
  3. Lighting! Don’t over light with rows of spots, concentrate the lighting to the areas that needs it, this will create dark spots making the space more inviting. Adding wall lights either side of the mirror adds interest and glamour (if you pick the right fitting)
    davidhuttoninteriors, Glamorous bathroom, lighting and mirrors
  4. Mirrors, for me wall to wall mirrors is a bit done and can look a bit clinical. Adding a chunky frame or round mirror can change the look quite dramatically. When I worked on the Finzels Reach bathrooms which had all ready been fitted out, I simply painted a dark colour on the walls and added an interesting mirror. It changed the look in an instant.
    david hutton interiors,quick fixes for bathrooms
    (picture courtesy of Cubex)
  5. Flooring, a few years ago I always tiled the floors and walls the same, which I used to call the Spa Look. Now I tend to go completely different and at the moment I am a fan of wood as it’s a different texture to the hard tiles and yes, engineered wood can be used in bathrooms but you can also get great vinyl versions these days. Take a look at Amtico’s new range and they are all made in the UKdavid hutton interiors, wood floors in bathrooms
  6. Furniture, adding furniture if possible can be a game changer, a little table with a tray of your treasured items looks great or a stool works just as well. If you are short on space try adding a shelf or two, add a stack of towels and plant or a vase of flowers (faux of course) which adds the personality to the room. Another great idea to get furniture in the a small bathroom and what I’m about to do in mine is add a unit and plonk a sink on it, going for something quirky changes up the vibe rather than opting for the standard vanity unit type.David hutton interiors bathroom

    (this is the unit in my bathroom thats getting a sink on the top)

  7. Add the WOW, for the finale and that all important wow, you can hang a chandelier, ok electrics in a bathroom needs professional advice! but you can opt for a candle chandelier if not possible. One of the things that are forgotten in bathroom is art, adding art will finish the scheme off and stop making it look to much like a bathroom, if you get what I’m saying!! Maybe not but trust me these things work.Davidhuttoninteriorsbathroomwithchandelier

If your bathroom needs a little love at least try 2 of the suggestions above, you’ll be surprised what a difference it can make.

2015 interior trends

January 16, 2015

Just thought I would do a quick blog this morning to say Happy New 2015, the time of year for new things and to try something different especially with your interiors, out with the old and all that jazz!

But saying that, I have never been a big fan of trends in the interior world as when a room/house is done it’s likely to stay put for the foreseeable future so following trends can become a costly mistake. That is not to say I’m against trying something new or being a little more brave with your selection, you just need to choose things you love and not because they are the current trend. To get the most updated look, you can add items or features that can be easily changed at little cost. So paint, cushions accessories are what automatically spring to mind.

One of the trends is metallics and they are going to be really big this year, lots of coppers gold’s will feature in the high street which can be achieved through accessories and a great way to update your interior.

My prediction and what I am going to base my schemes on is murky tones, so deep wall colours, and if going with colour go for sludgy colours so rather than bright orange try burnt orange and rather than bright pink go dusky, this can still be teamed with pops of colour and blues are still going to be big in 2015 and don’t forget the glamour, adding that bit of shine to a scheme instantly moves it up the scale, creates interest and that wow!

Here’s a few pics to get you in the mood and inspire.


Although this bedroom is a fairly neutral scheme, I love the painted ceiling, it adds interest and a great way to get some colour into a room without it going on the walls, definitely something I will be doing.


Above is a great example of adding a pop of colour, like on the chairs and in the cloakroom unit. And the gold pieces finish it off with that all important glamour.

davidhuttoninteriors2015trends1 davidhuttoninteriors2015trends3

Love the use of colour in the above pictures, this is what I mean by going a bit more murky, both rooms are still very colourful but just that bit more dusky which creates a stronger mood, and painting the ceiling out in the same colour is a game changer, I’ve done it at home and it totally changes the look of the room without much expense.


Although the above picture isn’t my favourite it shows how to use darker tones with pops of colour.

Have a great weekend.

Out with the old

March 14, 2014

Its the time of year when we all start thinking about updating our interior or some of us do! and I think it’s mainly because we can all see that spring is around the corner. Well it’s extremely foggy in Bristol and can’t see around the corner at all!! but we know it’s hiding out there somewhere!!

For me I want to add colour and freshen my interior up a notch, this could be simply changing your cushions on your sofa to adding some spring blooms, the more the better I say and definitely Faux’s as they can stay there until winter time!!, this is such a good way to add that all important splash of colour, a bit like the pic below, take the flowers away and it’s a bit snoring!


So if your feeling more daring you can add colour by painting, ok ok I know painting a strong colour on the walls is scary for so many of you but it is the most transforming thing you can do to your interior and if you don’t have the budget to add or change furniture it’s the simplest and most cost effective way and is a game changer trust me. If you don’t like it paint over it, no big deal right!! I don’t do what everyone does and paint the wall and think NO i don’t like it, you have to finish the room. The transformation doesn’t take place until the furniture goes back in place and art and pictures are up! If you are going for a bold or stronger tone, don’t forget that big pictures with white mounts break up the wall perfectly and if you are going for a bold colour please please go for more of an inky murky tone, it creates a much more sophisticated look and mood. Watch this space, we are looking at adding a dark, inky, moody paint collection in the shop. Message me if your interested in receiving info on this.

Here’s a few pics to inspire, if you don’t feel brave enough to paint the whole room why not try painting the back of some shelves in a bolder colour or a recess! I love the silk wallpaper behind the bed in one of the picture, transforms the room and add’s life.


splash of colour


bold colour


bold colour walls


dark colour walls

Absolutely loving the wall colour above, it’s my favourite colour of the moment and although a dark hue it still has an uplifting feeling to it. And this is what I mean about if you go for a bold colour go that little bit murky as it works!

Have a great weekend all!

Small spaces!

July 25, 2013

Thought I would chat about small spaces and in my opinion the easiest spaces to design as it’s more restrictive so not so many options to look at!! I sort of usually nail it in one hit but for most people they struggle with knowing what to do. This is down to the main focus being to make the space look bigger……wrong! Design it like any other space, firstly what is the room used for and then fill it, yes fill it with what is required. Don’t be afraid to use normal size furniture, one of the biggest mistakes is using teeny weeny pieces of furniture, it ends up making the space look wrong. A key elements is storage, if the budget allows a clever use of built in storage is great, lets say shelving unit going up to the ceiling for instance and wall to wall! A cheaper alternative is joining shelving units from ikea!

Almost everyone I talk to paints the walls pale, for me it’s a myth that pale colours make the room look bigger, it’s what you do with the space itself that counts!! so painting the walls darker will for sure give it a cosier feel but it won’t make the space look smaller, it will be far more interesting than boring pale walls. It’s then how you dress the walls, say one wall of storage then fill the other walls with pictures, a trick is to hang the pictures (lots of them) from floor to ceiling and add mirrors as the reflection is so much more important to make a space look bigger than going for pale walls. Another trick that I have done many times is hanging blinds from the ceiling hiding the wall above the window, this elongates the window and gives the illusion that ceiling height is bigger. Painting the ceilings the same colour of the walls also does the same thing but I know this is a scary move as many are afraid of bringing the ceiling down! but it does the opposite as it stops you from looking at the ceiling and doesn’t bring your attention to it. If this is too big a step, try jumping down a shade lighter for the ceiling.

And the last thing is using larger items, not all the pieces but at least one, my favourite is an oversized lamp, it will enlighten the eye and make you think this belongs to the space almost tricking the brain into thinking the space is bigger than it really is.

Some pics below, all mainly of New York pads as there ares o many bijoux apartments but the interiors are very cleverly designed.




Personally I would rather live in a home like this than a massive open plan room with little furniture and no atmosphere.

Right time to sell up and find a small pad! sorry kids!!

Doing it yourself

June 6, 2013

Interior design can be a very tricky thing to get right, and lots and lots of mistakes can be made along the way, I think this is one of the reasons why so many people play it safe, and when I say that, I mean painting the walls an off white, and one of my other bug bearers, and I see a lot, is small furniture pushed up against the wall with a load of space in the middle of the room, why!! unless your thinking of dancing the night away and need the space!!

So here’s just some simple ideas to get on your way to having a cool pad. 

1). The thing that will transform the space almost instantly is paint! My tip is paint the whole room out in one colour, the ceilings and woodwork, it will make the place look super slick, if your daring enough a really dark colour but if not at least a couple of shades darker than you would normally do, trust me it does work. Don’t get me wrong white can look great but you usually have to have an amazing place to pull it off!

2). Pull in the furniture from the edge of the room, my lounge is quite long but my sofa is away from the wall and I have a table behind it, and I can walk around the chairs which are opposite. It doesn’t make the room look smaller because your using the space! it actually makes it look bigger. Even if you have a small room pulling the sofa away from the wall a little will help and don’t be afraid to ad furniture, a large lamp on a small table can look super cool. I worked on a small apartment a couple of years ago and used super large pendant shades over the dining room table, it worked a treat.

3). Fill the walls, don’t be afraid to use all the space, it will make the space look so much more interesting and a great way to get some personality into the room. Mix it up, so large pictures, ie a framed poster works well and is as cheap as chips. It doesn’t just have to be art, ad sculpture of some sort or decorative plates work well, it’s all about mix and match. Add shelves another great little tip and not expensive is using the ikea lack floating shelves, I joined them and put them the whole length of my wall, then went crazy with layering up the shelves with books, vases, pictures overlapping and lent up against the wall, it totally changes the feel of the room.

A few pics to try and show you what I’m going on about.


One of my favourites is the marble effect wallpaper which is craft paper, it makes a small wall (her it’s used in a bathroom) look so much more interesting and what a great contrast to the dark wall in the next room.



See what I mean about large furniture pulled into the the space and more importantly filling the space. Ok I know it’s white walls but there are lots of features in this room, high ceilings, large windows, brick wall etc. Although personally I would still prefer darker walls!





Have a great Thursday! Now go and fill that room!!