What makes a bathroom!

February 3, 2015

Just can’t seem to warm up this morning, so cold in the shop so sat here with my coat and scarf on!!

Thought I would talk about bathrooms, which I don’t do so often, maybe it’s because I’m working on one and it’s inspired me too.

What makes a normal bathroom! I would say tiling the whole space and making it look a little too clinical. I say throw all that out the window and start by trying to think of it like any other room as you do spend every morning and evening in it and if you are lucky and not short of time like me, you relax in there after a hard days work.

So go moody, dark walls, low lighting to create that relaxing feeling which is a must and on the top of the list.

Here’s some pointers to get you started:

  1. Ditch the all over tiles, just tile what’s required and don’t go crazy with the tile design as it’s something that can easily date
    David hutton interiors
  2. Treat the rest of the walls like any other room, so adding wallpaper is a great tip or painting the walls and ceiling in a dark hue
    David hutton interiors, wallpaper in bathrooms
  3. Lighting! Don’t over light with rows of spots, concentrate the lighting to the areas that needs it, this will create dark spots making the space more inviting. Adding wall lights either side of the mirror adds interest and glamour (if you pick the right fitting)
    davidhuttoninteriors, Glamorous bathroom, lighting and mirrors
  4. Mirrors, for me wall to wall mirrors is a bit done and can look a bit clinical. Adding a chunky frame or round mirror can change the look quite dramatically. When I worked on the Finzels Reach bathrooms which had all ready been fitted out, I simply painted a dark colour on the walls and added an interesting mirror. It changed the look in an instant.
    david hutton interiors,quick fixes for bathrooms
    (picture courtesy of Cubex)
  5. Flooring, a few years ago I always tiled the floors and walls the same, which I used to call the Spa Look. Now I tend to go completely different and at the moment I am a fan of wood as it’s a different texture to the hard tiles and yes, engineered wood can be used in bathrooms but you can also get great vinyl versions these days. Take a look at Amtico’s new range and they are all made in the UKdavid hutton interiors, wood floors in bathrooms
  6. Furniture, adding furniture if possible can be a game changer, a little table with a tray of your treasured items looks great or a stool works just as well. If you are short on space try adding a shelf or two, add a stack of towels and plant or a vase of flowers (faux of course) which adds the personality to the room. Another great idea to get furniture in the a small bathroom and what I’m about to do in mine is add a unit and plonk a sink on it, going for something quirky changes up the vibe rather than opting for the standard vanity unit type.David hutton interiors bathroom

    (this is the unit in my bathroom thats getting a sink on the top)

  7. Add the WOW, for the finale and that all important wow, you can hang a chandelier, ok electrics in a bathroom needs professional advice! but you can opt for a candle chandelier if not possible. One of the things that are forgotten in bathroom is art, adding art will finish the scheme off and stop making it look to much like a bathroom, if you get what I’m saying!! Maybe not but trust me these things work.Davidhuttoninteriorsbathroomwithchandelier

If your bathroom needs a little love at least try 2 of the suggestions above, you’ll be surprised what a difference it can make.


Bold colour

August 30, 2013

Early start for me this morning, 6 o’clock rise to get a run in and after not running for a few weeks it was like starting all over again and the legs felt like lead weights! not good. After the run  wrote the blog then off to framers to talk about framing some wonderful art by Jo de Pear (http://www.modernartbuyer.com/artwork.php?id=289) for a client, although the art is delicate the use of colour is amazing which brings me on to talking about colour, I’m starting to see interiors with the use of block colours! Now by block colours I mean very rich hues used on large areas. In my opinion it’s one of the hardest things to pull off! But get it right and it looks amazing. So if u want a bit of colour in your life why not try it out with paint, the easiest way to transform a room and the cheapest! And guess what if you don’t like it just paint over it! Simple right!!

If you are brave enough I say do the whole room in a deep  hue, look at the pic below, the room looks amazing and has a great use of colour.ImagePhotographer: Trevor Tondro


Love the above wall colours, especially the green.

The other way is to paint 1 wall, now I know feature walls are a thing of the past but I say if it works why not, I agree that the B&Q wallpaper feature walls have been done to death. I say try painting the room a darker hue with a wall in a block colour or you could try small areas like the back of shelves, in pic below I think it totally transforms the space and stops the simple shelves looking dull dull dull and showcases the items on the shelves so much better don’t you agree!

Image Photographer: Trevor Tondro

Now the other way is block colour on furniture, in the shop we have a small chest of drawers fairly traditional in style but painted out in a deep hue which makes it look more up to date and far less stuffy, sort of puts the fun into it! Now try adding an item of furniture in a bright colours but remember to restrict the colour pallet, u don’t want lots of colours fighting to be the star, pick one bright colour then others more paired down and ones that fit in with star colour, maybe add one other contrasting one! U can also block colour armchairs which is a great way, at the moment I love this orange fabric by mark Alexander, it’s also got a great texture, it’s going to feature in the shop soon and make its way into my new casual lounge! When I get chance to do it, still haven’t started the bedroom!! Whoops..


If this all seems a little scary try ping this in a small room, ensuite or cloakroom or a strip behind a desk would work well and is perfect starting point.Image

( Images from Rue, Real Living & Lonny Magazine)

Have a great day!