Quick fixes

November 19, 2014

Morning all, it’s been a while. It’s all very hectic here at DHI headquarters, what with the approach to Christmas and 4 projects to complete. it’s a bit stressful.

If you have run out of time to do any major refurbishments before Christmas I thought I would share some quick fixes.

I know I have said this time and time again but paint is one of the most transforming things you can do to a room. Because I bang on about this all the time my friends are finally starting to take note, especially my friends that live in the cotswolds as they have gone the whole hog and painted their lounge out in almost the darkest hue you can , but it’s one of my favourites which is F&B Railings. It’s totally transformed the room and it looks amazing. But my friend Caroline still text me on the morning with second thoughts and saying are you sure it will work!! I said “Go for it, if you hate it you can always paint it over” simply’s!! Now it’s done they love it and said thanks for the push!! And it doesn’t make the room look smaller, thats a myth!!


The next great thing to do is add lamps and lots of them. This creates not only a focal point but adds a soft light which creates intrigue and depth and instantly changes the look of an interior, you can go glam or mix it up to create an eclectic look.


(Photo curtesy of Cubex Finzels Reach development)

Change the layout, for me pushing sofa’s up against the wall is a big no no. Try pulling it into the room, mine at home is in the middle of the room and creates two different areas. Even if you have a small room pulling it away from the wall even a bit will help, maybe just enough to get a shelf or console behind, lean up a couple of picture add a lamp and bang you changed the look in a jiffy!!

Accessorising!! probably one of the hardest things to get right but adding vases, plants, flowers (which can be faux by the way) can change a scheme and stop it from being boring, also its a great way to add a splash of colour and interest. If your a women it’s like adding jewellery to an outfit, it makes it!

In every scheme I add cushions, this is where you can be a bit more risky with colour, pattern and texture, go for it and don’t try and go too matchy, mix it up.

APT 404-13

(Photo curtesy of Cubex Finzels Reach development)

Art, I know I here you say ‘Pricey’ but it doesn’t have to be, what I do for the show homes is order lots of posters from poster websites, there are quite a few, allposters is one of my favourites. Some posters I get for £4!! Then I buy simple black frames and frame them myself, if you not confident to do this you can go to a local framers either to frame the whole picture or they will also just cut the mounts which saves a few coins. Picture of my hallway, it totally transforms it in an instant, the trick is filling the whole space and you need some big pictures which anchors the rest, too many small ones would look bitty and way too much.

2014-01-21 22.15.08

There you go that should be enough to keep you busy for a few weeks!

Happy decorating


Ps. If you want to see these quick fixes take a visit to Finzels Reach development as I have done all the show apartments on the site and all I talk about has been used somewhere along the line


Room make over

June 13, 2014

Nothing like an early morning spin class to start the day!! And after a pretty hard week I am glad it’s Friday!!

So, I thought I would talk about making over a room today! easy…..no! for some maybe… for others… maybe not! Firstly you don’t have to have oodles of money to make over a room; determination and grit yes but money no!! For me the most transforming thing is PAINT!  It’s relatively cheap and you don’t need to be an expert to use it!!  It’s just being brave enough to push the boundaries and opt for something more daring and not opting for the safe option.  I say go dark as it’s such a game changer and I’m banging on about it on my blog all the time! Crossing over to the dark side has so many benefits, it creates intrigue and totally changes the look of a room in an instant, it also creates a great backdrop to art, it makes it ping and one of the key tips is adding lots of art, don’t be afraid to cover the wall, with a few big pieces or a mish mash of sizes.  I love big frames with small pictures but a large mount around the picture, a great way to break up a dark wall, this creates contrast which is so important in an interior.  So if your thinking “I have no art” that’s going to cost me a bomb to create this look, I often buy art from poster websites, they’re cheap as and they have some very cool vintage style posters large and small, then frame them in simple frames with large mounts!


Now the other element to making over a room is TEXTURE, you can never have enough texture, lots of different types of fabrics is good, soft velvets and textured linens work well and when I say texture this also means wall treatment, there are so many great wallpapers out there, like the one I used in the bedroom scheme below which is a printed grass paper effect, adding the texture creates the much needed warmth to a room and a focal point which takes it to another dimension.

As you can see from the before and after pictures below, except for the new furniture the main change in the rooms are the walls, adding the texture like the large padded headboard or if the budget doesn’t allow for that then just going darker.

Happy decorating, once you go to the dark side there’s no going back!!

Here are some before and after shots, and please note guys, the first picture is the before!! but you know that right!!!!



David Hutton interiors blog pic1

David hutton interior blog pic 3

David hutton interior blog pic 2

Pictures courtesy of Cubex, Finzels Reach

Have a great weekend all, not a great Saturday for me as I will be sat in the passport office waiting for a new passport, but on the plus side Portugal next week for a business trip, Yay!!

Breaking the rules!

May 22, 2014

Feeling a little broken this week as did a 67 mile bike ride last Sunday (my first). Up to 40ish miles I was fine but after that I think my legs had enough, got off and walked away!! Still serves me right for going out with a bunch of cycle enthusiast.

Anyway lets get to it, RULES is such a strict word I find and although people think there are rules within interior design, I don’t! Design is so subjective, what works for one doesn’t work for another. I don’t really have any rules when designing a scheme, although I sort of follow my own but only what helps me put a design scheme together not an industry set of rules. So I say break the RULES (love saying that).

1). Don’t use symmetry, it’s one of the most common things done in interiors, you know when lamps arrive 2 by 2 and park them selves on a console table.

2). Matching! I hate matching it’s definitely one thing I really try not to do, if you use a fabric on curtains or blinds this doesn’t mean you need to use the same fabric on the cushions! Mix it up, it creates intrigue, far more of an interesting look and the same goes for accessories, mix them up and it will look like you have collected them over time.

3). Furniture, this on is a biggy and probably one of the hardest rules to break. In my opinion this has to be mixed, if you look a the best interiors the furniture is always an eclectic mix, modern lines like a simple sofa teamed with an antique or vintage piece.Get this right and BINGO! when guest enter the room they won’t know what to look at first, it confuses the eye when things jar and creates a much better interior! and please don’t push all the furniture up against the walls like its a naughty kid thats been told off!!

4). SCALE! now playing with scale is a little scary I know, as the brain is telling you to put small items with small!! (am I making sense) So using an oversized lamp on a small table for instance seems crazy but can totally change the vibe to a room and again confuses the eye. Please please don’t be afraid to use larger pieces of furniture, trust me it works! Using small furniture especially in small rooms is one of the most common mistakes I see.

5). Last but not least COLOUR. Throw the oddball colour in the mix, works a treat and going darker (I know, I know I’m always going on about this one!) on the walls creates warmth and cosiness, who wants to sit in a white sterile room………….not me!

A few pics to inspire (courtesy of lonny magazine and Remodelista)

David Hutton Interior bristol, eclectic mix

Mixing up the furniture, I would never of thought about using the white chairs with the antique table, it creates the interest, not everyones cup of tea I know but it shows you how it can be done! Loving the colour on the walls.

David Hutton Interior bristol, mix of fabrics

Perfect example of how to use different patterns of fabric, no matchy matchy going on here. And a great use of colour.

David Hutton Interior bristol, scale

And here you have scale! the large mirror works so well but for me the small table in front with the oversized vase and eucalyptus is what sets it off!

Have a great day!


The sky’s are foggy in Bristol……great, whats going on with the weather!!   I’m just about getting back in to the land of the living! my back has been playing up, waking up every hour when you move doesn’t help and constant back ache can cloud the mind! I resisted (being a male and not good at excepting) and went to the doctors yesterday, so some very strong inflamentary tablets should do the trick!

Anyway onwards and upwards!

Don’t think I have chatted about Kitchens for a while so thought this would be a good topic today. They keep popping up in my head as I have seen some pretty amazing ones recently whilst searching for inspirational pictures. Most of them are in celebrity homes so some pretty cool kitchens I have to say and bucket loads of money spent on them but you can still take the principals of what makes it good. For me I am getting so bored of the what I call NORMAL kitchen, they all sort of take the same vibe and you see them time and time again, we really need to try and think a bit more creatively! So my biggest tip is treat it as a room your are going to spend lots of time in, a kitchen is not just for cooking. For instance in mine I have a textured wallpaper that looks like silk, its a commercial one so it’s actually very practical and can be heavily wiped.  I would usually use this type of paper in a lounge so it’s an instant mood creator. My biggest thing about creating a moody warm kitchen is not going for the clinical look so white is out, go for a darker colour for the doors and I always get wood into a scheme as it creates warmth and add’s texture. If you don’t want wood featured within the kitchen. ie doors or worktop try adding it to the floor, pick and engineered plank which is yay ok for kitchens!

Now I think going forward the next big things for kitchen is adding that bit of glam, something shiny. The back splash is the perfect place, again in my kitchen I added chrome round mosaic tiles which was a few years ago now so at the time seemed a bit crazy, and was more expensive that normal tiles but so worth is as I still love them, although if I was doing my kitchen today I would opt for gold, which is almost as glam as you can get and adds instant wow. If you got a big budget a metal back splash in copper or bronze would be amazing but another good and cheaper idea is smoked mirror! Adding all these elements creates the drama that you need. Get these things right and the actual kitchen (as in cupboards) can be pretty simply, and lining up the cabinets is a must for me, no different sized wall cupboards all over the place.

Now the finishing touches are things like adding pictures, vases with flowers and anything quirky that gives it that little va va voom and again treat as any other room! When planning a kitchen I always add some open shelves, somewhere to add some interest and break up the space. It doesn’t have to be majorly that practical but if you want it to, make sure you invest in some nice glasses, cups and crockery so you can show it off in style and I always pop a framed picture and vase to break it up.

Take a look at the pictures below, I know they have had a load of cash spent on them but they will inspire the mind when planning your kitchen.

David hutton interiors hammered gold kitchens

Love the hammered metal doors but they come with a price tag, the hammered metal pendants on the right hand side picture add the same type of glamour but for far less!

David hutton interiors gold splashbacks kitchens

Adding the gold back splash to grey colour scheme totally adds interest, love it! if your not brave enough add gold accessories like the kettle against a grey background is a good compromise.

David hutton interiors open shelves kitchens

This is where open shelves look great with stylish crockery nicely placed!!

David hutton interiors dark walls kitchens

The drama of the dark hue’s work so well.

Also one of the other things to say, if your planning an extension and thinking of creating that big kitchen, as you can see from the above pics some of the best kitchens are more compact, I say go smaller in the kitchen and create a much more useable space, and if you are going open plan try and have some sort of divide so it feels like the kitchen has it’s own space, like the picture below, still has the feel of open plan but isn’t!!

David hutton interiors kitchens

Have a great day

Sprucing things up!

April 16, 2014

A spin class first thing always sets you up for the day!! That’s what I’m telling myself anyway!! In need of a coffee hit, off to my regular coffee shop after posting this.

This week I thought I would talk about sprucing things up. I’ve been holding off on doing my bathroom because I’m thinking I will replace the whole suite, a free standing bath, vanity unit with marble top!! That’s on the wish list but comes with a high price tag. So after years of deliberating  I recently decided I’m just going to spruce it up and this is what I did:

1) Painted the walls a dark hue, charcoal grey with a hint of blue

2) Box in bath with a new bath panel and creating a ledge around the front and side

3) Re tiled the floor which was one thing that definitely needed doing, dark grey wood tiles

4) Added a large framed picture above the bath, very dramatic, colours almost the same colour of the walls

5) Added 2 ikea lack shelves to house all cosmetics and stacks of towels

6) Replaced the very boring typical bathroom mirror which I’ve had for donkey’s years with a very chunky black frame mirror, (actually it was light grey but I painted it black

7) New Chinese style unit added in a bright green colour

8) Final piece is a small stool and voila, it’s totally transformed without spending wads of cash!

Only got a couple of snaps from my phone so not great pics but I have found some that show you the type if thing I’m talking about and how you can change the look mainly by the colour you apply on the walls!

David hutton interiors Sprucing things up

David hutton interiors Sprucing things up

A great before and after shot, see what you can do by just changing the walls…. simple!

David hutton interiors bathroom wall colours

Loving the teal blue on the walls, I opted for the dark version like the picture on the left.

Did I mention that now the Bathroom has been spruced up, it’s now the kids favourite room!

Have a great day.


Out with the old

March 14, 2014

Its the time of year when we all start thinking about updating our interior or some of us do! and I think it’s mainly because we can all see that spring is around the corner. Well it’s extremely foggy in Bristol and can’t see around the corner at all!! but we know it’s hiding out there somewhere!!

For me I want to add colour and freshen my interior up a notch, this could be simply changing your cushions on your sofa to adding some spring blooms, the more the better I say and definitely Faux’s as they can stay there until winter time!!, this is such a good way to add that all important splash of colour, a bit like the pic below, take the flowers away and it’s a bit snoring!


So if your feeling more daring you can add colour by painting, ok ok I know painting a strong colour on the walls is scary for so many of you but it is the most transforming thing you can do to your interior and if you don’t have the budget to add or change furniture it’s the simplest and most cost effective way and is a game changer trust me. If you don’t like it paint over it, no big deal right!! I don’t do what everyone does and paint the wall and think NO i don’t like it, you have to finish the room. The transformation doesn’t take place until the furniture goes back in place and art and pictures are up! If you are going for a bold or stronger tone, don’t forget that big pictures with white mounts break up the wall perfectly and if you are going for a bold colour please please go for more of an inky murky tone, it creates a much more sophisticated look and mood. Watch this space, we are looking at adding a dark, inky, moody paint collection in the shop. Message me if your interested in receiving info on this.

Here’s a few pics to inspire, if you don’t feel brave enough to paint the whole room why not try painting the back of some shelves in a bolder colour or a recess! I love the silk wallpaper behind the bed in one of the picture, transforms the room and add’s life.


splash of colour


bold colour


bold colour walls


dark colour walls

Absolutely loving the wall colour above, it’s my favourite colour of the moment and although a dark hue it still has an uplifting feeling to it. And this is what I mean about if you go for a bold colour go that little bit murky as it works!

Have a great weekend all!

Sorry for lack of posts recently, it’s been a bit crazy here. Installed a London job last week, dressing and supplying furniture for a 3 million pad in Knightsbridge which was for a developer, how the other half live hey!! So the last week has been hectic to say the least and not only that we have work coming out of our ears so lots to get on with!! Not complaining at all by the way!

Couple of weeks ago I went up to the Autumn Fair in Birmingham, I have to say I wasn’t all that impressed. The main reason I went  was to look at a faux flower supplier, which was good and did manage to find a couple of new companies, ordered some amazing fragrance candles and olive & fig was the winning smell for me. So Paris it is for me next year (one of the biggest trade shows for interiors), all my current suppliers exhibit their so that’s going to be more up our street. And hopefully more inspirational, I can’t believe the tat that is still in demand in this country!!

Today I thought I would talk about general interiors and why I love it. For me having a nice home is the most important thing, I don’t get it when people spend all there money on other things? as the home is where u spend most of your time and I always use this quote “A comfortable house is a great source of happiness. It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience” (Sydney Smith) so many people spend money on cars and gadgets but walk into there home and they have magnolia walls and 20 year old sofa, but the latest high tech tv is pride of place in the middle of the wall!! Huh don’t get it, much prefer to sit in a room that you feel you don’t want to leave and instantly relax,  and have a tiny tv instead! You don’t have to have oodles of money just a bit of imagination and bravery to try things out if from the norm, u can Instantly transform a room with paint and the darker u go the better!!

So here’s a few if my favourites interiors.


This explains my point exactly, small TV, money spent on art instead which makes for an intriguing interior! Totally love the collection of art and using every bit of space possible!


Both above pics, are a Hotel in Miami but I love the look which could work in a home perfectly, the lounge makes me want to pop my self down, sip gin and tonics and read a book all day! Mind you the view of the sea helps!!

All images are from Martin Brudnizki Design Studio in London, one of my favourite designers.

Thats it for me today as got to get on with a million and one things to do!

Have a great day!


August 23, 2013

Sorry guys a bit slack on getting the post out this week, just managed to finish it so here you go.

Thought I would talk about curtains. It’s one of those items a lot of people will spend money on but get it wrong and you will have to live with a costly mistake! So I thought I would give you a few tips.

Tip 1, If you want to live with them for a while go for simply, I always blend the curtains in with the walls, for me it’s more about texture than pattern.

Tip 2, Simple heading, I always always opt for cartridge pleat heading as it looks really simply and elegant when drawn, almost like it’s just neatly looped back.

Tip 3, If budget allows go for interlining the curtains which is like sewing in a blanket inbetween the fabric and lining, it makes them look so luxurious

Tip 4, If you don’t want them too plain go for a simple pattern, we have a small patterned fabric in the shop, we get so many compliments about them.

Tip 5, Add a texture to a plain fabric like a soft velvet band across the bottom, main fabric in say a linen, a great way to have plain curtains but adding interest without going for a bold pattern, this could also be a good way to add a plash of colour

Tip 6, My favourite thing to do is add tape trimmings, adds interest without over doing it.

Tip 7, If you have’t got big budget go for sheer fabric curtains as they are so much chepaer to make and you only need to buy the sheer fabric as no need for lining etc. This will still soften the room but won’t totally block light out so there may be need for blinds or use in a room that you don’t want to  close off from the rest of the world

Tip8, If you are brave, go for a bright jewel colour, get this right and this can look amazing! much harder look to pull off and you really need to have the rest of the room nailed with the furniture etc as you don’t just want to walk in a room with the curtains being the only feature, this will make the rest of the room look dull as dish water.

Take a look at these pic, Loving the green curtains, thinking I need to do this somewhere at home. But where is the question!!

David hutton blog curtains shop

This is a pic from my shop (excuse the poor photo taken on my iphone) and explains tip 1, 2, 3 & 4

David hutton blog curtains

Above pics show curtains (tip 5) with  bands added on the bottom and the right hand side photo shows adding a contrast leading edge, just a adding a little ping of colour stops the curtains looking to plain!


David hutton blog curtains tape


Add pattern  tape to edge of curtains, totally transforms them and a cheap way to add a bit of interest, Tip 6

David hutton blog curtains sheer

Tip 7 which is great for budget option, sheer curtains, pick the correct hue and they can look great!

David hutton blog curtains jewel

And if you are brave go for a bright colour, love the curtains in the pic above still simple but very effective. Note you either have to have an amazing room or great furniture to pull this off to it’s full advantage. The grey walls work perfectly!

Have a great weekend guys!


Not a great start to the week, think I was out in the sun too long on Sunday and was ill the start of the week, feverlike!! Talking gyberish in my sleep (no change there then I hear you say!!) But it’s so nice to have heat it’s just too tempting not to stay outside. So becasue the weather has been so good the bedroom has taken a back seat, and it’s not going to get started for a few more weeks as away the next couple of weekends. Hopefully will take a few days off in the summer to finish it or even start it!!

Today I thought I would talk about the dreaded colour black, in my opinion one of the most under estimated colours and in my book one of the most importmant. Use black in the right way and it can totally transform room, picture, acessroeies etc etc, it literally works with all things. At the moment I am a fan of black walls, I know, I know I can hear you all saying yuk isn’t it a bit gothic and depressing but I don’t think so, get the correct hue of black, not too dense almost a nearly black (F&B do a great one called Off Black) or if not a very dark grey will work just as well. Best place to try this out could be in a hallway as this is a space you don’t spend all your time in. It could be just one small wall at the end of a hallway, a few pictures plonked on the wall and you’ve created a great little feature. Another great way of trying out a black wall is in a Kitchen as a blackboard wall, you can get blackboard paint from any DIY store. You could always paint it as a strip from floor to ceiling if you haven’t got a small wall.

Another thing for me is black floors, I love them as I think it makes all the furniture look so much better, almost acts as a stage and contrasts so well, rather than blending in and looking boring, definitely going for black floors down stairs when I refurb (which could be a while).

If your not brave enough to use black on the walls or floors you can use it pretty much everywhere else, lamp shades a good one, picture frames (for me they contrast against the wall beautifully) A tray on a side board with accessories on, or simply one small piece of furniture like a side table would work really well. Take a look at the pictures below, I hope you agree that the black is what makes most of these interiors.

david hutton blog black5

Blackboard wall, perfect if you have a recess area like this, and compliments the black kitchen cupboards

David hutton blog black4

I know you have seen this pic before, but perfect explanation of how good black can look in an interior, not just on floor, windows, shelving unit and the sculpture on the table works a treat.

David hutton blog black3

One of my favourite pictures and I keep using it but the black wall with all the pictures looks great, the pictures break it up perfectly. And if you are daring enough the pic on the right has all walls painted!!

david hutton blog black2 david hutton blog black1


Another thing on my list is having black kitchen cupboards, love the left pic which is one of my favourite American designers Nate Berkus, the units where previously white but look so much better in glossy black, much more sophisticated.

Now go paint something black!!

Have a great sunny day!

Pushing the boundaries

July 1, 2013

I’ve actually got a day off today!! playing Golf with my father and brothers (a fathers day gift and a very rare occasion). On the weekend I went to a new spin class studio, I’m desperately trying to get back into the fitness, sort of lost it a bit the last few weeks so hoping this new spin studio will get me motivated again so Iv’e booked in for another one tonight!  Going to try and get 4 exercise routines in this week!!

As I previously mentioned I am working on the scheme for my master bedroom, first I’m pushing the boundaries with going for a very dark colour on all the walls. This is even a bit scary for me but I’m thinking as long as I break this up it will work perfectly. So lots of pictures are going to feature and the painted white ones will look great with the dark background of the walls. Also I have decided to do one wall of curtains which will also break up the colour. As the budget is tight, I am using a side table from the lounge and a ceramic lamp which has already transformed the space, so we no longer have matching side tables and lamps (which is sort of growing on me, always done a matching pair before!). We already have a modern looking chest of drawers which works well, so will look out for a simply chair to add to the space then the rest is down to accessorising, I’m going to add lots of faux flowers as this is one of the best ways to through the eye around. Then paint out the wardrobes and we will be there. Think I have also found the  perfect zig zag rug to finish it off and at a steal of only £65 from urban outfitters.

Master bedrooom Mood board


Fabrics are from  Mark Alexander and Lewis and Wood, furniture, lamps and art are all available from my store in Bristol.

Have a great Monday!